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The Mustard Seed Mission

LocationChina - Taiwan

Issue AreaSocial Services

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60 years of social service

In 1952, Lillian Dickson established The Mustard Seed Mission, the 1st registered local social welfare organization in Taiwan. We have been serving the Taiwanese citizens’ needs for more than 60 years.


The mustard seed is the smallest of all seeds. When it grows, it becomes an enormous tree that birds fly to and perch on its branches. (From the Bible)


Based on the faith and hope of the mustard seed, The Mustard Seed Mission (MSM) provides child care services, holistic youth development, and supportive family service networks. It restores family functions, so that love and righteousness can be passed down from generation to generation.


Child Care: Set up childcare facilities as the last defense of child care, besides Out-of-Home care service: Agape Children’s Home and the Mustard Seed Youth Home, we started community residential placement for pre-school mistreated children.When the abused children are put into the protective placement system, we discovered that the majority showed the symptoms of trauma, both physically and psychologically. Some displayed signs of serious slow development in language, body, and cognition; some have adjustment disorder issues in behavior, learning, and emotions. All these problems need to be addressed through treatment or learning materials so the children have a chance to recover and develop healthily.


In Taiwan: The sudden drop in income due to the epidemic has forced families to face the dilemma of losing their meals, and most of them cannot apply the government’s bailout grant. Many vulnerable families were already in financial difficulties have a harder life.Through the distribution of epidemic prevention supplies packages to 7000 economically-impacted families or emergency relief funds for 1000 vulnerable families, to be a support in this epidemic battle for them.

In Asia ( India and Philippines) : COVID-19 lockdown in India and Philippines are causing mass starvation. No Job opportunities for gig workers in long-term lockdown. No income equals to no food for the whole family. Before COVID-19 devours their lives, hunger is killing them. With the effort of our local partners, we try to deliver Emergency Food Supplies (Rice, Flour, Salt, Soap, etc.) to the vulnerable families like HIV patients, single mothers and homeless, those ignored groups.

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