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The Mustard Seed Mission Taiwan

LocationChina - Taiwan

Issue AreaSocial Services

Amount NeededGeneral Support Needed

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60 years of social service

In 1952, Lillian Dickson established The Mustard Seed Mission, the 1st registered local social welfare organization in Taiwan. We have been serving the Taiwanese’ needs for more than 60 years.


Set up childcare facilities as the last defense of child care,

*Out-of-Home care service: Agape Children’s Home and the Mustard Seed Youth Home

*Community residential placement for pre-school mistreated children


In Taiwan:

1️. Epidemic Prevention Supplies Packages for 7,000 families

2️. Emergency Relief Funds for 1,000 families

3️. Suspended Meals for 2,500 vulnerable children

4️. 7885 Helpline to ease worries and relieve negative emotions for the needy

5️. Mustard Seed E-Learning to provide a selection of various courses

6️. Epidemic Prevention Educational Community Activities

In Asia (India, Philippines and Indonesia) :

Before the epidemic wanes, save lives from starvation.

Indonesia: The supplies will be given to 165 daily wages families in Jakarta and nearby rural areas, nearly 1,000 people will be fed.

India: Provide packages of supplies for 100 daily wagers’ families in Delhi and 600 Indigenous women and children in Odisha.

Philippines: Provide 200 vulnerable families in Metro Manila with a package of supplies for each household.

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