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Magic Bus India Foundation

Helping children & young people with skills and knowledge to grow & move out of poverty.


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Our Mission

To assist children and young adults (12 to 25 years) in their journey from childhood to livelihood. Working with communities & families in delivering a program that teaches life skills and resilience. Working with schools by ensuring their education is optimized.

The Need

To address issues on lack of higher secondary education in adolescents, lack of soft skills necessary for employment, Child marriage and Child labour.

The Solution

The programs have key components like Life Skills Education, Education Enhancement, Employability Skills Education, Livelihood and Community Connect. Fending off challenges like child marriage and child labour. With these they can complete their education to become first-generation salary earners.

Our Impact

26% improvement in self-efficacy, 17.5% improvement in resilience, 76% complete secondary education, School regularity improved by 46%, 95% of young people graduate from our Livelihood program, 70% young people placed in sustainable jobs and 55% of women assisted through the Livelihood program.

Magic Bus works with children and young people taking them on a journey from Childhood to Livelihood and out of poverty

By enabling children to complete secondary education, it will delay their age of marriage, and they can be well equipped to have better jobs. Magic Bus helps to move a generation out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

Founded by Matthew Spacie in 1999, Magic Bus equips children and young people (age 12 to 25) with the skills and knowledge they need, to grow up and move out of poverty. This takes them from a childhood full of challenges to a life with meaningful livelihoods. Since its inception, Magic Bus has transformed the lives of one million children and young people, helping them move out of poverty.

They work with children and young people’s ecosystems – their parents, peers, community, and local institutions to ensure they act as a network of support and encouragement to move a person out of poverty.

Give Someone A Future – Support the cause to raise INR 25, 00, 000

With your donation, you can help Magic Bus provide:

  • Regular activity-based sessions carried out through the year to ensure that the child is equipped with essential life skills that help her complete secondary schooling
  • Consistent work with parents and teachers to ensure children grow up in a protective environment at home and in school
  • Skill-building and training sessions with youth through our Livelihoods Centres which prepares them for a job in the organized sector.

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Issue AreaEducation

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