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Status Update: August 8, 2023

India continues to suffer from widespread flooding caused by heavy rains during the monsoon period that started in June 2023. The rain in the past two months has affected large parts of India, and more recently in North India states such as Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Chandigarh, Uttarakhand, JammuKashmir, Haryana, Rajasthan, and Delhi.  

Since the monsoon started, around 200 deaths have been reported, and 31 people are missing, according to the India Disaster Management Authority. Out of these deaths, 57 were because of landslides and flash floods. Himachal Pradesh, in particular, had 79 landslides and 53 instances of flash floods. The heavy rains also damaged 774 houses and partially damaged 7317 houses in the state. Shops and cow sheds were also affected. 

By August 3, 2023, about 330 roads and two main highways in Himachal Pradesh, including Kalka-Shimla, were closed due to the continuous rain causing landslides and floods. The districts of Kullu and Manali were hit hardest by the recent floods.  

To help with the flood recovery in Himachal Pradesh, the Indian government, especially the Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, announced the release of INR 400 crore (almost US$ 50 million). The National Disaster Management Authority has warned that the rain will likely continue until the monsoon ends in September, and more damage could happen. 


Immediate Needs on the Ground 


Current needs identified by our local nonprofit partners include: 

  • Ration kits for families consist of rice, dal, oil, salt, soybeans, etc. 
  • Clean drinking water 
  • Tarpaulins/emergency shelters for displaced residents 
  • Hygiene and sanitation kits 
  • Medium and longer term’s recovery work such as livelihood recovery, rehabilitation of damaged houses and public facilities, psychosocial support to floods affected communities 
  • Continuous disaster preparedness work 


Our Partners’ Response 


Give2Asia will continue to develop partnerships with organizations supporting relief and recovery. During this emergency response phase, Give2Asia is supporting the work of our partners with a range of program priorities, from providing urgent basic needs such as food, clean water, and health services to ensuring access to education for children and economic rehabilitation services. Give2Asia is proud to work with partners in the prepositioned DisasterLink Network listed below: 


SEEDS India 

SEEDS is committed to assisting at least one million people already affected and has already started dispatching relief materials to the most vulnerable population in affected states of the country. In Uttar Pradesh’s Nangli Wazidpur (Noida) alone, thousands of families have been affected by floods. SEEDS aim to reach out to over 1300 families out of them who are facing urgent need of support. SEEDS has identified an urgent need for essential supplies such as ration kits, hygiene kits and safe drinking water, shelter kits, and cash support. With the team on the ground, volunteers, supporters, and partners, SEEDS will continue providing support to help rebuild lives and strengthen the resilience of the most impacted. 



Goonj focuses on poverty alleviation, rural development, and disaster relief & rehabilitation by utilizing discarded materials from cities as resources for extensive development work across villages in India. Goonj is currently mobilizing essentials from all across to help the affected communities, as the need is huge. 


All donations received by Give2Asia will help affected communities in India. Give2Asia will publish more details on the needs emerging in the coming days and weeks—and report on every dollar granted for relief and recovery.   

Click the “Donate” button above to make a credit card donation. For large gifts or corporate giving opportunities, please get in touch with our international giving team.

SEEDS India and GOONJ are part of Give2Asia’s prepositioned DisasterLink network. See here for further information.

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