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The IMC Pui Ching Middle School


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Life & Whole Person Education

The IMC Pui Ching Middle School is a Baptist secondary school in Ho Man Tin, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Pui Ching Middle School is one of the best local high schools in Hong Kong. Founded in 1889, it currently has sister schools in Macau and Guangzhou. Guided by faith and aided by mother-tongue teaching, Pui Ching is passionate about educating students on Chinese culture and modern technology. The school teaches based on two key tones – Life education and Whole-Person Education. Life education focuses on disciplinary strategies in order to develop their students into self-disciplined and respectful individuals; whereas, the whole-person education provides education in moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic and spiritual aspects. Both methods are used so that students are equipped with strong personalities and physical fitness when facing future challenges. In addition, some notable alumni include Daniel Chee Tsui, Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics, 1998 and Shing-Tung Yau, mathematician, awarded the Fields Medal in 1982.

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