Hondao Senior Citizen’s Welfare Foundation

An organization caring for the elderly of Taiwan.

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The elderly population in Taiwan has reached 14% in 2018. Hondao Senior Citizen’s Welfare Foundation was established in 1995 with the spirit of “Collaboratively Caring for Our Elderly.” In addition to the headquarters in Taichung City, Hondao has five service offices and 33 volunteer stations in North, Central, and South Taiwan. Through all the partners and local volunteers of the Foundation, Hondao reaches out and cares for thousands of senior citizens who live alone. “”Senior Broadway Show “” is a world-class show performed by amateur senior citizens, marking its seventh year in 2018. The show is expected to invite 14,000 viewers, and recruit 300 young volunteers, creating a top-class stage comparable to professional concerts to exhibit the charm of the passionate elderly performers! Elderly performers will practice and train for over six months in order to give the best performances on the stage. Through regular practices, the aging process is slowed down, and the elderly performers have also taken good care of their own health. For the community and the general public, this is also the driver that brings the society together and draws the society’s attention to the senior citizens. Hondao also increases intergenerational interaction through recruiting young volunteers and promoting intergenerational fusion. The Senior Broadway Show showcases the energy and unlimited potentials of senior citizens!

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Issue AreaSocial Services

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