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Hengchun Christian Hospital

LocationChina - Taiwan

Issue AreaSocial Services

Amount NeededGeneral Support Needed

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Patient-centered, quality care

In 1956, a group of Finland Christian missionaries came to Hengchun Peninsula the Southernmost of Taiwan. Finland missionaries set up a clinic in 1968, then developed into a Local Community Hospital — “Hengchun Christian Hospital (abbreviated H.C.C.H.)” in 1979.

Our goal in medical service is to create a patient-centered, relative peaceful and high-quality medical environment. In community service, H.C.C.H. set up a partnership with government’s local organizations, churches, schools, development associations especially remoted villages, to care people with medical and humanitarian aid.


  1. Medical Furtherance:
    • To build a new medical building
    • To recruit more medical professionals
  2. Furtherance of Children Education:
    • To strengthen the Children caring network by setting more locations in remote villages.
    • To introduce new educational tools and on-line teaching re
    • To complete the measures and accounting system of Education Fund.
  3. Humanitarian aid:
    • To strengthen the elder and poor family caring network by setting more locations in remote villages.
    • To get more projects from Government to own more resources for helping people.
    • To have more connecting with local organizations to help needed people immediately.

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