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Friends of Hope, Inc.


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Friends of Hope, Inc. is an impact company that invests in Education and Environment initiatives.


The Philippines has a classroom gap of approximately 80,000. HOPE works with the Department of Education and underserved communities across the Philippines to build bright and beautiful new public school classrooms for young learners, no matter how remotely located they are. We believe every Filipino child deserves a safe and comfortable environment in which to grow up and learn the skills crucial for a promising future.

Learn more by visiting http://www.generationhope.ph/impact


Friends of Hope manages the impact and community-based outreach activities of the Plastic Credit Exchange (PCEx). Our cornerstone environment project is “Aling Tindera” which was inspired by the presence of multiple sari-sari stores in barangays throughout the country. Our aspiration is to build a strong network of women entrepreneurs who will be catalysts for sustainability in their respective communities. The Aling Tindera Project aims to provide an avenue where people can monetize plastic waste, to encourage discipline in the treatment of post-consumer plastics, reduce leakage into the environment and educate future generations about the benefits of co-processing, recycling, and other high-level waste management processes.

Learn more by visiting http://www.plasticcreditexchange.com

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