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Paris House of Math Endowment Fund

Paris House of Math is a center for scientific research on math and theoretical physics.


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Our Mission

Paris House of Math Endowment Fund solicits private funds to support projects where science and society intersect, such as the Maison Poincaré (Paris House of Math): a new museum designed to highlight the diverse environments in which math flourishes and help reveal vocations.

The Need

Today, mathematics occupies more and more space in our daily lives, but fewer and fewer young men and women have a taste for math and engage in scientific studies. Our future will be increasingly dependent on math and computer science: it is fundamental to give everyone the means to understand. 

The Solution

Individuals and companies are invited to support the activities and resources offered at the Maison Poincaré: an educational forum with permanent and temporary exhibitions, workshops, and an innovative mixed-reality experiment, called Holo-Math.

Our Impact

Since the beginning of the project, public and private funding united to advocate access to science for the greatest number of people and participate in influencing and developing a place dedicated to mathematical culture.

By making a donation, you make it possible for everyone to come and visit the math museum, without geographical distance or social background being an obstacle!

Sylvie Benzoni, director of Paris House of Math 

“Set in Jean Perrin’s former laboratory, the Maison Poincaré will be a unique space of its kind, where scientists, middle school and high school students, teachers, and all those curious about science will come together”

Testimony of a teacher after a visit to IHP 

“This place, dedicated to mathematics, research, and culture has touched my students. I am looking forward to the future museum of mathematics.”

Testimony of a partner company

“The Maison Poincaré is an obvious civic commitment, a formidable adventure that takes up a scientific but above all human challenge: opening mathematics to the public.”

Testimony of a benefactor

“Convinced that mathematics can contribute to equal opportunities, especially for girls, I support the Maison Poincaré.”

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Issue AreaEducation

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