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DOMI Earth

LocationChina - Taiwan

Issue AreaEnvironment

Amount NeededGeneral Support Needed

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First Step with New Lights

DOMI works in urban communities to identify families living with energy poverty and provides them with lighting upgrades, installed free-of-charge. DOMI sees the installation of these bright new lights not only for their practical benefits for the families but also as a symbol of the first step on an important journey to a better life. DOMI’s home visits offer a unique opportunity to engage with families inside their homes. To extend our impact, client families complete a Poverty Stoplight assessment, a powerful tool that helps them identify the characteristics of their specific forms of poverty – economic, social, and health – the first step in planning a comprehensive way out of poverty. DOMI recognizes that, in the global climate challenge, every person’s actions are important. By saving energy, Energy Prosperity Project families increase the quality of their livelihoods while limiting their greenhouse gas emissions at the same time. Their collective efforts represent a key enabling factor in Taiwan’s clean energy transition.

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