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Child Psychoecology Foundation

PhilanthroKids Programme empowers young children through daily philanthropic activities.

LocationChina - Hong Kong SAR

Issue AreaEducation

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PhilanthroKids Young Children Empowerment Program

Founded in 2006, Child Psychoecology Foundation (CPF) is a Hong Kong registered charity (#91/8216). The mission is to promote psychological well-being of children through parent-child and philanthropic activities. The motto is ‘Fulfilling Childhoods start with Giving’. In 2016, CPF developed a children empowerment program called PhilanthroKids with the largest global philanthropy advancing organization, the Association of Fundraising Professionals. Based on the international standards of ethics, the Ten Principal Values of Philanthropy (Kindness, Honesty, Respect, Openness, Generosity, Gratitude, Sympathy, Empathy, Responsibility and Trustworthiness) were established as our core values.

PhilanthroKids aims to promote kindness and giving to young children and empower them with daily philanthropic activities. To create a positive environment for young children to nurture their philanthropy character, CPF collaborates with local kindergartens and offer a series of free professional training, educational talks and fun-to-learn lessons for parents, teachers, and children respectively. PhilanthroKids nurtures children in developing kindness, respect, gratitude, and many positive character traits through daily activities. It also equips teachers with the professional knowledge and skills for their teaching while it assists parents to be supportive to their children at home and at community.

Since 2017 PhilanthroKids has been shared at various international conferences in Japan, Korea, Thailand, US and China. In 2018, PhilanthroKids teacher training was part of the early childhood education higher diploma curriculum at the Hong Kong Open University and nearly 300 ‘Certified Teachers’ were trained. In 2020, CPF was selected by international generosity movement, GivingTuesday as the 50 international cohort leaders of Starling Collectives from 2,000 organization and individual applicants and PhilanthroKids was the only innovative projects representing Hong Kong. In the same year, PhilanthroKids GivingTuesday Ambassador Award was inaugurated in Hong Kong and 10 students from kindergarten, primary and secondary schools were selected as ambassadors.

This year, PhilanthroKids aims to serve over 3,000 kindergarten children, parents, and teachers from 12 local kindergartens free of charge. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has poised many challenges to children development, we believe that empowering young children with philanthropy and taking care of their psychological well-being must continue.

CPF is grateful for your kind support and generous donation. Thank you.



「小小慈善家」旨在向幼童推動仁慈及施予,並通過日常積極活動授權他們。為幼童培養正向慈善品格,基金會與本港幼兒園合作創造積極環境,並分別為家長,老師和幼童提供了一系列的免費專業培訓,教育講座及有趣課程。「小小慈善家」幫助幼童在日常活動中發展仁慈,尊重,感恩和許多正向品格。 培訓計劃不只為教師提供專業知識和技能及協助他們教學,同時協助家長支持幼童在家庭及社區中行善助人。

自2017年以來,「小小慈善家」已經在日本、韓國、泰國、美國及中國世界各地國際會議上分享。2018年,「小小慈善家導師」培訓成為香港公開大學幼兒教育高級文憑課程的一部分,培訓了近300名導師。2020年,從2,000個參加者中,基金會被國際慈善運動GivingTuesday評選為50位Starling Collectives國際同輩領袖。「小小慈善家」是唯一代表香港的創新項目。同年香港舉辦了「小小慈善家」「慈善星期二」大使頒獎,10名幼兒、小學及中學生被選為慈善大使。

「小小慈善家」今年目標是為12所本港幼稚園的3,000多名幼兒、家長和老師提供免費服務。 儘管2019新冠病毒給兒童發展帶來了許多挑戰,但我們認為必須繼續培養正向慈善品格,並關注他們的心理健康。

我們衷心感謝您對「小小慈善家培訓計劃」的支持和慷慨捐贈。 謝謝。

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LocationChina - Hong Kong SAR
Issue AreaEducation

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