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China Sichuan Earthquake 2022

Support local relief efforts in response to the earthquake in Sichuan Province, China.


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This campaign is now closed. Please consider donating to the DisasterLink Response Fund to support our local partners in responding to disasters immediately.


On September 5, 2022, a 6.8-magnitude earthquake hit Luding County and Shimian County, Sichuan Province. According to the media, by September 7, the quake had killed 40 people in Luding County, Ganzi Prefecture, and 34 in Shimian County, Ya’an City. More than 200 people were injured, and 26 people are still missing. Thousands are currently evacuated to safer areas. The powerful quake that happened at noon local time shattered houses and buildings and seriously damaged road access and public facilities. Telecommunication lines have only slightly improved in several areas since the quake hit. Additional tremors continue to happen and bring significant financial loss and mental trauma to the locals. The situation is worsened by the Covid-19 lockdown currently ongoing in most cities in China, which limit people’s mobility.  

The Government has activated level 3 emergency response, and emergency rescue efforts are currently underway. However, possible heavy rainfalls and landslides could halt rescue operations. 

Sichuan Province of China is prone to earthquake. In 2008, Sichuan was hit by a powerful 7.9 magnitude that killed thousands; recovery and rehabilitation efforts organized for years, and the Government has conducted mitigation and preparedness efforts in this area.  

Give2Asia is raising funds to support vulnerable populations in China, especially the worst hit in two counties of Sichuan Province, during this time of extreme uncertainty. 



Immediate needs identified by our partners working on the ground include: 

  • Clean water, nutritious food, and household items 
  • Blankets, rain-proof emergency shelters, and warm clothes 
  • Health and hygiene packs 
  • Medicines and Covid-19 PPE, especially for those living in evacuation camps 
  • Mental health and psychosocial support to communities, and especially to children 
  • Basic construction materials for families 
  • Longer-term recovery and rehabilitation support 



China Friendship Foundation for Peace and Development (CFFPD) 

CFFPD will provide the following emergency rescue support to the quake-stricken areas: 

  1. Provide repair and reconstruction support, which includes road repair, housing repair, infrastructure reconstruction, new village construction, etc. The specific activities can include but are not limited to repairs, reconstruction, and daily necessity procurement. 
  2. Provide support for the children who lost their parents due to the earthquake (if any). The support includes educational funding, healthy growth safeguard, to help them pull through the difficult times.

The specific support will be provided according to the local demands. 

How You Can Help

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