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Clean Air Network

LocationChina - Hong Kong SAR

Issue AreaEnvironment

Amount NeededGeneral Support Needed

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Clean Air Network (CAN) is an independent NGO to educating the public about the health impacts of air pollution, and advocating for policy change and behaviour change in favor of healthy air in Hong Kong.

Youth empowerment and knowledge building is their key solutions to solve the invisible threat of air pollution. CAN facilitates various engaging programs and air monitoring activities in a holistic approach to strengthen the environmental health literacy on air pollution among the public.

Cleaning air is an urgent matter. The University of Hong Kong’s Hedley Environmental Index estimates the air pollution in Hong Kong caused an additional 130,000 hospital bed days, 2.3 million doctor visits, 1700 premature deaths, and HK$21 billion in economic losses in 2019. Everyone understands the illness and casualties associated with pollution are preventable. To resolve this health crisis, bold and prompt action is needed.

Our healthy future is in the air. CAN would like to share the healthy prospects with everyone in the city.

Ongoing projects:

Let Our Children Breathe 

A community education program which aims to spread awareness about air pollution and its adverse health impact on children’s growth. Workshops, air monitoring using active sensors and passive monitoring techniques and Inter-schools air pollution conferences are part of the program activities. Students and parents are significant beneficiaries in the project.

Getting Ahead 

A new campaign motivated by Clean Air Network since 2020. Together with the communities and experts, we urge the government to enable a faster transition to zero-emission bus fleets in Hong Kong. This transformation will make a positive impact on lowering roadside pollution and improve standards of living for the citizens.

Air Data Management System development 

CAN is developing a community-friendly air data management system with a new invention on mobile air quality sensor and an open source mapping platform. The system can develop front end platform that enables the users to visualize the level of air pollution and hence associated risk in the neighbourhood.

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