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Australia Flood Relief (2023)

Support local flood relief efforts in Australia


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SITUATION UPDATE – March 12, 2023 


The flooding has continuously hit different parts of Australia since February last year. For over 14 months, the La Nina weather events have affected large parts of eastern Australia, with 22 deaths and severe damage to the infrastructures and more than 20,000 homes. Heavy rains throughout the 2nd week of March 2023 are causing floods again in Queensland State, where 53 residents of Burketown have been evacuated. The local Government has released an evacuation warning as the forecast shows heavy rain continues this week.  




Various levels of government and not-for-profit organizations have offered generous support for communities and households affected by the floods. The needs during the flood and immediately after flood waters start to recede are food, including cooked meals, medicines, clothing and bedding, and shelter. Mental health support is also required and will be ongoing. Over the longer term, support to assist families in rebuilding their lives, such as temporary housing, assistance with rebuilding, buying furniture, and recreating their homes, will be needed, as well as short-term grants to support families where jobs have been impacted by flooding. Small businesses will need similar support. 





Give2Asia’s partners continue to support the response and recovery phase in many flood-affected communities in Australia. Help is continuously needed to provide basic needs as well as various disaster recovery work in the affected regions:  


Salvation Army Australia 

The Salvation Army has a dedicated department called ‘Salvation Army Emergency Services,’ dedicated to responding to Disasters. This department has staff and volunteers located in every State and Territory, in addition to a fleet of assets utilized in disaster response, recovery, and rebuilding phases. Throughout 2022, The Salvation Army has responded to disasters, predominantly Floods and Bushfires. Salvos’s responses range from small to significant. During the floods in early 2022 across QLD and NSW, the team was active in 10 – 15 evacuation centers. In addition to distributing millions of dollars in aid to those impacted.  


Foodbank Australia 

Foodbank Australia provides a key role in times of natural disasters, assisting emergency services and first responders during the immediate crisis and during the months and years that it can take for communities to recover. The Key Staples Program entails partnering with manufacturers and their component suppliers to source vital staple foods in a sustainable and consistent production volume. For components that are not able to be fully donated, the Foodbank sources funds from industry and the government to fill the funding gap. The program helps ensure that Foodbank warehouses always have these items in stock, ready to be distributed to those in need, especially during disasters. In 2023, Foodbank continued assisting flood-affected communities in Western Australia. Initial attempts to send Emergency Relief Hampers to impacted communities in Derby, Broome, and Fitzroy Crossing were delayed due to road closures that prevented trucks from getting through; however, the hampers have now been distributed. These hampers are helping families in emergency accommodation, and some may also be used for people who have been stranded in towns. Over 1,500 people will require food relief. There is still a need for more non-perishable food items such as tinned protein, noodles, and biscuits to be distributed to flooded areas. Foodbank Australia will be working for many months to meet the community’s needs in consultation with key bodies involved in the region’s emergency response. 



Individual donors can donate online to Give2Asia’s flood relief fund. For large gifts (via check, bank transfer, or appreciated stock) or corporate giving opportunities, please request a consultation or email us at 


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