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Alleviate Poverty Empowering Women in Rural Areas of Nepal (APEIRON)


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For a Gender Equal Society

APEIRON is a women-led organization working to create a gender equal society in Nepal. Through gender-based violence prevention and response, awareness and education, income-generating skills development and institutional collaboration, APEIRON facilitates projects for the impacted individuals. Their mission is to enable women and girls to realize their potential by overcoming the constraining barriers in their lives. It aims to empower women through literacy, microenterprise, and vocational and life skills training. The organization helps women develop the skills necessary to support themselves and their families and be able to confront gender-based violence, restricted access to and control over resources, low literacy, struggles to obtain citizenship documents, and other social and economic challenges.


Like many countries across the world, Nepal has been joining the global battle against COVID-19. The situation has brought uncertainty for many, but particularly for women survivors of gender-based violence (GBV), one of the most vulnerable groups in Nepali society. Unemployment rates rose quickly in a few weeks due to the economic crisis generated by the virus. Many women who had to struggle to get a job, often humble and low paid work, are now losing it.

On the other hand, the forced quarantine is restricting the movement of people, so women are in a state of increased dependence on their family, often forced to remain in a violent environment at home, just to be able to support themselves and their children.

At this moment, APEIRON’s main concern are women and children who risk exposure to addiction, violence, and abuse, especially those who have recently gone out from CASANepal or other safe houses APEIRON runs. While they struggle to find a place for themselves in society, they may not be able to sustain themselves in the coming months. Assisting them is critical at this moment.  APEIRON has established a flexible fund as a source of concrete help for people who need it most. US$85 can provide immediate assistance to these women to catch their breath and face the pandemic and its effects with a measure more of serenity.

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