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AiEr Morning Star Project—Care for Children with Autism

Alleviating poverty, helping the disabled, and supporting children’s education.


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Our Mission:

Beijing AiEr Foundation is dedicated to alleviating poverty, helping the disabled, and supporting children’s education. Their mission is to be the promoter and practitioner of modern philanthropy and to deliver equality and care while solving social problems. 

History & Leadership:

Beijing AiEr Foundation originated from the Mayoress AiEr Charity Fund which was founded in May 2009 in Shanghai, which aims to exercise the influence of women mayors (mayoress’) to mobilize governments, social organizations, medical institutions, enterprises, individuals, and other forces in getting the attention and support for disadvantaged groups. In 2016, in order to unite social forces and operate charity projects with better quality and more professionalism, the China Association of Mayors and Ms. Tao Siliang jointly initiated and established Beijing AiEr Foundation. 

Awards and Recognition:

AiEr was awarded the title of “5A Non-profit Organization”. It was evaluated as a “Grade A organization” in social organization credit evaluation and got a score of 100 (A+) on the China Foundation Transparency Index (FTI), which tied for first place nationwide. AiEr was given “Top Ten Projects for People’s Livelihood”, “Number One Project for People’s Livelihood” and many other titles by provincial and municipal governments. 

Current Needs:

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that poses a serious health risk to humans. It is characterized by deficits in social communication, a narrow range of interests or activities, repetitive stereotypic behaviors with perceptual abnormalities, and varying degrees of mental retardation in 50%-60% of cases. Autism is one of the most serious and disabling childhood illnesses, accounting for the highest number of mental disabilities in children. 

Some reports estimate that there are more than 3 million children with autism in China. 

According to the survey data, only 53% of them have received professional rehabilitation interventions after effective diagnosis. The average level of rehabilitation in domestic children’s rehabilitation institutions is far below the international rehabilitation level, which leads to the problems such as untimely diagnosis and ineffective rehabilitation, causing great impacts on the children’s growth and daily life. 

Our Solution:

AiEr successively conducted research and practical explorations on supporting autism patients and the development of autism treatment. We came up with the “AiEr Morning Star Project—Care for Children with Autism” project, aiming to support autism patients, their families, and related medical staff from three dimensions: screening, rehabilitation, and education. It expects to help children with autism get the diagnosis and professional treatment as soon as possible and support the development of the local treatment level of autism. This project will carry out the following activities: 

  1. It will provide rehabilitation subsidies (RMB 1000 yuan per month) for disadvantaged children with autism. 
  2. It will help train the local medical staff in underdeveloped areas with autism screening and diagnosis skills to improve the local diagnosis level of autism.
  3. It will also train autism rehabilitation teachers to help them master systematic rehabilitation ability and promote the development of rehabilitation technology in the local area. 

Our Progress:

The project has been carried out in Guangdong, Hunan, Ningxia, Gansu, Shandong, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Guizhou, and other provinces, with a total of 12,447 beneficiaries and a cumulative public welfare expenditure of 27.62 million RMB. The project was awarded as one of the top 100 projects in the 2020 China Public Welfare Project Contest, 2021 China Philanthropist Public Welfare Project of the Year, and one of the top 10 Public Welfare projects in iFeng 2021.

Your Impact:

Your donation will help autistic children to get effective rehabilitation treatment and alleviate their economic challenges. It will also help enhance social concern and awareness of autistic groups and drive the construction of local disciplines and the improvement of medical standards.

Donation Services and Outcomes:

  • $10 will provide rehabilitation for 1 child for 1 day.
  • $20 will provide meals for 1 family for 1 day.
  • $100 will provide a doctor with a training session for 2 days.

Success Stories:

Rehabilitation in process

Beneficiaries playing with each other

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Issue AreaHealth

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