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COVID-19 Information, Tools & Resources for NGOs

General Information

 Guidance on information sharing:

Country level readiness:

  • Readyscore Map, developed by Vital Strategies to check a specific country’s preparedness score to anticipate their ability to find, stop and prevent health threats

Platforms compiling information and communication resources on COVID-19:

Technical guidance

Community Engagement and Risk Communication

The following guidance has been developed on community engagement and risk communication:

Towards inclusive COVID-19 Response:

The following tools can be used to ensure participation of affected communities in the response:


The flowing guidance has been developed for a disability-inclusive response to COVID-19:

Information material for persons with disabilities have been developed by many organizations:


The flowing guidance has been developed for gender and age consideration in the COVID-19 response:




The following guidance has been developed to address mental health and psychosocial aspects during COVID-19 outbreak:



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