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Status Update: March 28, 2023 

Two powerful earthquakes with a magnitude of 7.8 and 7.5 scales, respectively, hit Turkey’s southern Gaziantep Province and northern Syria on February 6, 2023, followed by several strong aftershocks. This series of earthquakes is estimated to be the strongest to hit the area in over 100 years. Significant tremors were also experienced in these locations on February 20, 2023, and a recent 5.3 earthquake in Malatya Province on February 27, 2023. Death toll numbers now exceed 50,000 people across southern Turkey and northwest Syria, and 108,400 people are injured. Authorities reported that half a million people had been evacuated to safer locations. Turkish Government estimated that around 173,000 buildings have collapsed or are unlivable, resulting in over 1.9 million IDPs (Internally Displaced People) living in temporary shelters, hotels, and public facilities.  

Moreover, on Wednesday, 15 March, the earthquake region experienced another disaster when extreme rains resulted in widespread, devastating flooding in Adiyaman and Sanliurfa. It is known that 20 people have lost their lives due to the flood. Tent cities in the earthquake region were also in great danger due to the heavy rain. While some of the tent cities in Diyarbakir were evacuated, some streams overflowed, and crevices formed in the roads in Malatya/ Dogansehir. 

The following assessment report was shared in a virtual International Donor Conference on March 20, 2023: 

  • Number of demolished buildings in 11 provinces in the earthquake zone has reached 298,000  
  • Cost of the destruction caused by the earthquake is approximately USD104 billion 
  • Aid from nearly 130 countries has reached earthquake victims 
  • 36 field hospitals were established  

In North-West Syria, UNOCHA’s latest update noted that more than 4,500 deaths and 8,700 injuries had been reported. As of 28 February, over 10,000 buildings have been severely damaged or unlivable. A total of 423 trucks loaded with aid provided by six UN agencies have crossed into northwest Syria since the earthquakes. 


Give2Asia is funding relief and recovery with local partners working on the ground in affected communities. 

The earthquake response is still evolving. Medical and general evacuations continue to take place, albeit at a slower pace. Shelter/tents, thermal clothing, sleeping bags, heat, water, power supply, and baby care kits are still urgently needed. The damage to roads and infrastructure has made many areas unliveable; the multiple earthquakes and over 7,000 aftershocks that continue have caused significant damage to the villages and rural areas in addition to urban areas.  

As partners’ teams on the ground are tasked with recovering the deceased and evaluating structural damage, the relief efforts to meet the hundreds of thousands of displaced residents must continue to be scaled up, especially for the most vulnerable women, children, elderly, persons with disabilities, and persons facing protection issues due to legal status in Türkiye.    


Give2Asia will continue to develop partnerships with organizations supporting relief and recovery. During this emergency response phase, Give2Asia is supporting the work for our partners, listed below:  

International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation  

IBC has offices that serve communities in Turkey and Syria that are now mobilizing to provide relief and assess needs. Given the cold weather conditions in the affected areas of Turkey and Syria, IBC’s initial goal is to distribute tents, heaters, blankets, warm clothing, and food to families.  

IBC has offices in the cities of Gaziantep (Responding to Gaziantep and Kahramanmaraş, the epicenter of the disaster), in Hatay, where severe damages are, and in Kilis from where IBC can help North Syria response, and Sanliurfa from where they have access to Diyarbakir and Malatya. IBC has local teams in the field in Kilis, Gaziantep, Kahramanmaras, and Sanlıurfa and assists the local authorities with the emergency rescue of those under the collapsed buildings.  

With Give2Asia’s support, IBC will provide essential aid for at least 3,000 babies and children affected by quakes in Hatay Province. The support will run for one month, focusing on fulfilling essential needs (blankets, diapers, other support) for babies, children, and the elderly. In addition, IBC also supports earthquake-affected Syrian refugees living in the Turkiye side of the Nurdağı District. According to estimates, the District is home to more than 15,000 Syrian refugees. As of the 2nd week of March 2023, there are 362 tents in Nurdagi. The number of Syrians under temporary protection living in these tents is 1,533 people. Considering the approaching Ramadan, Syrians living in the tent city camping area and scattered tents outside the camps urgently need access to hot meal support. In this regard, IBC prioritizes hot meals for a minimum of 1,500 Syrians, mainly settled in the Nurdagi and Islahiye districts. Hot meals will consist of at least three different dishes, with bread and fruit, yogurt, and dessert – which will be served depending on the day’s choice. 

Hayata Destek Derneği (Support to Life) 

Hayata Destek / Support to Life (STL) is a humanitarian organization that works with communities affected by disasters to meet their basic needs. Since 2005, the work of STL has focused on Emergency Aid, Refugee Support, Child Protection, and Civil Society, Strengthening with the guiding principles of non-discrimination, impartiality, independence, and accountability.  

Support to Life has a team in the earthquake zones to support the evacuation processes and provide relief to the survivors. Urgent needs include tents suitable for winter conditions, in-tent tube stoves, tubes, sleeping bags, and blankets. 

In partnership with Give2Asia, Support To Life (STL) will focus on freshwater needs for the affected communities in the three affected regions. The clean water installation is expected to serve the clean water needs of 4,000 survivors daily. The support is expected to run for 30-45 days. Moreover,
Hayata Destek (Support to Life) will also purchase and distribute winterized tents that will give 200 families in Hatay Province, Turkey, a better temporary shelter that could protect them from cold and rain. 

Ihtiyaç Haritasi / Needs Map 

Needs Map is a social platform cooperative based in Turkey that identifies the needs of individuals and communities through map-based communication. 

Needs Map focuses on the provinces directly affected by the earthquake to ensure coordination, determine the needs of earthquake-affected regions and people, and coordinate relief efforts in partnership with other NGOs and public authorities to ensure an effective response. Needs Map also monitors the impact of affected communities and works with partners and members of the Disaster Network to allocate aid and support where needed the most.  

GIve2Asia is supporting Needs Map emergency work by providing 600 food packages to those in need over the coming three months. The support will reach the Province of Hatay, İskenderun, Adıyaman, Gaziantep, and Kahramanmaraş. Your support has also enabled Needs Map to establish community centers, which include a technology room, library, classroom, music room, sports/dance room, kitchen, multi-purpose common areas, and a garden for approximately 2,000 earthquake-affected people in Hatay, Turkiye. 


The team at AHBAP is working to deliver essential food, clothing, medical supplies, and shelter to those in need. AHBAP also provides an open-access earthquake-safe map on its official website and social media channel to help survivors find local businesses, hotels, and other essential facilities that offer support.  

AHBAP is a cooperation movement established in 2017. As one of the most prominent organizations in Turkey, AHBAP has been on the ground since the day of the earthquake with search and rescue teams to reach survivors.  

On direct emergency response work, Give2Asia will support the provision of community-size container houses that includes a kitchen, bathroom, sleeping area, heater, blankets, hygiene products, power bank, and personal needs, especially for women and children. Each container house can host 40 people. The container house will run for about six months to provide better shelter for communities who lost their homes.   


Thanks to the support of Give2Asia’s Donors and Supporters, we have provided grants in the total amount of more than US$ 230,000 to four local partners working tirelessly to support the earthquake-affected communities.  

All donations received by Give2Asia will help communities in Turkey and Syria. Give2Asia will publish more details on the needs emerging in the coming days and weeks—and report on every dollar granted for relief and recovery.   

Click the “Donate” button above to make a credit card donation. For large gifts or corporate giving opportunities, please contact our international giving team. 

Please note that depending on political circumstances, grants may be routed through each organization’s headquarters or operations in neighboring countries. 

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