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Report: China Flood Relief (2020)

China experienced two major floods in 2020 that tremendously affected the northern and eastern parts of the country.

On July 21, 2020, flooding hit 27 provinces affecting 37.9 million people in Jiangxi, Anhui, Hubei, and Hunan. 141 people were missing or presumed dead, 2.2 million have been evacuated, and 1.3 million need emergency livelihood aid. Damages include 25,000 houses and 3.5 million hectares of flooded crops, with estimated direct economic losses now at RMB82.23 billion. (approximately $11.75 billion USD)

Give2Asia immediately began supporting relief efforts in the affected communities, working with our trusted Partners in the country. With generous donations, Give2Asia was able to support the China Foundation For Rural Development (previously known as CFPA) to conduct capacity building for first responders on humanitarian aid relief and prevention. The work was completed in 2021. Thank you to each donor who made this possible! 

Grant Snapshots 

Humanitarian Aid Training for Disaster Relief and Prevention in China – China Foundation For Rural Development (CFRD)

China is a disaster-prone country; natural events such as earthquakes, fires, floods, and mudslides, frequently threaten people’s lives. In July 2020, heavy rainfall devastated around 24 Provinces in China (including Hubei, the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak), taking more than 100 lives and affecting more than 35 million people. China Foundation For Rural Development (CFRD) is committed to developing disaster prevention, mitigation, and relief and supports partner organizations in capacity building to reduce future damages 

In 2014, CFRD launched Humanitarian Aid, a network for local NGOs to share knowledge, experience and capacities in disaster prevention, relief, and reduction. Through these practices, Humanitarian Aid partners’ capabilities in disaster project management have improved and a sound international impact disaster relief field has been built. Since 2014, Humanitarian Aid has responded to disaster relief 196 times utilizing RMB301,874,200 (approximately $41.4 million USD) in donations.  

Through Give2Asia’s grant, the program supported CFRD experts in their work to perform disaster training and activities for 500 people from 21 Humanitarian Aid partner organizations focusing on disaster relief and public education. a day-long event on disaster preparedness efforts, and a public education campaign on disaster preparedness and mitigation.  

CFRD launched “Say NO to Disaster” on May 12. “Say NO to Disaster” is a day dedicated to national disaster prevention and mitigation with training activities carried out in-person and live-streamed for more than 300 remote participants. Third-party disaster experts who attended the event shared experiences with 40 participants who joined on-site. In addition, CFRD disseminated public education on disaster prevention and mitigation to participants to be used during partners‘ disaster response and preparedness work as well as to the general public.

Looking Ahead 

Through our pre-positioned disaster response network DisasterLink, Give2Asia is partnering with trusted local charities in high-risk countries that are well-positioned to respond rapidly and provide long-term recovery. Learn more about DisasterLink here. 

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