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Heroes Legacy Program expands to India and Indonesia

Building on our successful program in China, we’re expanding to care for children of fallen frontline workers in India and Indonesia.

Give2Asia’s Heroes Legacy Program directly supports the children of frontline workers who lost their lives providing medical care and essential services during the COVID pandemic. Heroes Legacy first launched in China in 2020. It has improved the lives of 163 children, raising US$3 million to support their development.

Give2Asia is now expanding Heroes Legacy to India and Indonesia, two countries where many frontline workers lost their lives and left behind children. For a child, losing one or both parents is devastating. As UNICEF notes, “The loss of one or both caregivers can have a detrimental impact on the nutrition, growth, and development of children and can put them at greater risk of neglect, violence, and exploitation – particularly infants and young children from low-income families.”

Program Design

This phase of the Heroes Legacy Program aims to raise US$2 million to support 400 orphaned children of frontline workers across India and Indonesia. Give2Asia’s local partners for this program are Child Rights & You (India), Human Initiative (Indonesia), and YCAB Foundation (Indonesia). These highly respected organizations will deliver psychosocial, educational, and workforce skills to honor the sacrifices of essential workers by supporting the productive development of their children’s futures.

Three Program Pillars

  • Psychosocial development: Mental health services, including regular counseling and enrichment activities. Success measures: Participation in counseling sessions; Improvements in well-being and mental health.
  • Education: Scholarships, supplies, and supplementary learning opportunities. Success measures: Regular attendance in schools, continuation to the next grade level.
  • Workforce Skills Development: Classes on digital skills and workforce preparedness improve children’s and their caretakers’ economic prospects. Success measures: Caregivers linked with skill-building programs, participation in career and work skills workshops.

If the initial fundraising goal is exceeded, Give2Asia will expand the program to benefit more children upon successful programming for the initial cohort.

How to Contribute

Prospective donors can learn more and make a gift by visiting the pages for the Heroes Legacy Program India or Heroes Legacy Program Indonesia. For large gifts and corporate giving opportunities, please contact our international giving team.

About Our Partners

Child Rights & You (India) was founded in 1979 as a grassroots organization with a mission to encourage society to take responsibility and care for Indian children in need and allow children to grow up happy, healthy, and creative. Child Rights & You works in 5 thematic areas – education, health, nutrition, participation, and protection – and brings together community, family, and government stakeholders to work towards holistic change in 19 states in India. Child Rights & You is led by CEO Ms. Puja Marwha, whose 10-year tenure at the organization‘s helm has strengthened Child Rights & You’s justice and equity framework.

PKPU (Yayasan Pos Keadilan Peduli Ummat) Human Initiative (Indonesia) began as a humanitarian aid organization in 1999. Since then, Human Initiative’s focus areas have expanded to disaster response, social welfare, and community development. Human Initiative’s Initiative for Children, one of its three core programs, provides protection for children, educational support, and resources to address basic needs. Human Initiative has received national and global recognition from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the European Union, and the National Disaster Management Board, among others.

YCAB (Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa) Foundation (Indonesia) was established in 1999 based on a mutually reinforcing and financially sustainable social change model. YCAB’s mission is to improve social welfare through education and innovative financing, ultimately empowering underprivileged youth to become self-reliant. YCAB has reached over 4.1 million youth through education and economic access, implementing workshops to teach financial literacy, digital literacy, STEM, and other work-relevant skills. YCAB is led by Founder and CEO Veronica Colondam, an expert on youth development and risky behavior. She has won numerous awards for her leadership in the Indonesian civil society sector.

Heroes Legacy Program India
Heroes Legacy Program Indonesia

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