Heroes Legacy Program: India

Caring for the children of healthcare and essential workers who died fighting the pandemic


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Our Mission

Give2Asia’s Heroes Legacy Program directly supports the children of frontline workers who lost their lives providing medical care and essential services during the COVID pandemic. By supporting the development of these deserving children, we also honor and remember their parents' sacrifice.

The Need

The impact of losing one or both parents on the children left behind is severe. As COVID-19 has spread across the world, many frontline and essential workers who have lost their lives fighting the pandemic leave behind children who now need additional support and resources for their development.

The Solution

The Heroes Legacy Program in India will provide support for affected children through mental health services and enrichment activities; educational support to help students stay and succeed in school; workshops to build career-relevant skills; and skill-building workshops for caretakers.

Our Impact

The program will initially serve 150 children in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, and Haryana identified by our local partner organizations. Your support can help these children receive the assistance they need.

Program Overview

Give2Asia’s signature Heroes Legacy Program directly supports the children of frontline workers who lost their lives providing medical care and essential services during the COVID pandemic. Heroes Legacy has been piloted in China since 2020 and has impacted the lives of over 150 children, raising US$3M to support their development. Give2Asia is now expanding Heroes Legacy to India, where many frontline workers have passed and left behind children without one or both parental figures.
Give2Asia is partnering with Child Rights & You in India to deliver psychosocial, education, and workforce skills development support to honor the sacrifices of these essential workers and care for their children’s futures. The Heroes Legacy India program is estimated to support 150 children over five years with the potential to expand to other districts upon successful programming for the initial cohort.

Program Deep-Dive

Essential workers served critical roles during India’s COVID-19 lockdowns. Healthcare workers provided medical care to patients, and other frontline workers provided transportation, sanitation, and food services to allow cities to function. As a result of their duties, these essential workers were at high risk of contracting the novel coronavirus. Many essential workers who passed had young or adolescent children. By official counts, 2,928 essential workers in India lost their lives fighting COVID-19. The true number of deceased essential workers in India is likely to be far higher.

Many of the families of deceased frontline workers face financial difficulty, and they have experienced immense loss in this challenging time. To honor those who died battling COVID-19, the Heroes Legacy Program aims to provide support for the children of these heroes, both emotionally and developmentally. Give2Asia will partner with Child Rights & You to carry out this program.

The Heroes Legacy India program will focus on three pillars of impact tailored to the needs of the children in each country: Psychosocial Development, Education, and Workforce Skills Development. An individualized plan will be developed for each child to meet their unique needs. Child development programs provided to the children will include:

Psychosocial Development

  • Meetings with mental health professionals and counselors
  • Extracurricular activities, such as sports, theater, and children’s groups
  • Online life skill sessions


  • Educational and learning support, including remedial and supplementary courses
  • Fee support for children to reenter or continue mainstream schooling
  • School kits comprised of essential educational items

Workforce Skills Development

  • Skill-building programs for the caretakers of children
  • Career counseling for older children
  • STEM education sessions
  • Connections for the children and their families to government support programs and resources

Other supplementary support provided by the Heroes Legacy program includes: dry ration kits for families, health check-ups, medical support for children who need treatment, and access to government support programs and resources.

How You Can Help

Join us in supporting the children of frontline heroes in India and honoring the lives of workers who lost their lives in this ongoing fight against COVID-19.

Individual donors can give using a variety of payment methods using the buttons at the top of this page. For large gifts or corporate giving opportunities, please contact our international grantmaking team.


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