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Taiwan Sport Forward Association

Empower youth through sports, and promote gender equality in sports and sport diplomacy.

Issue AreaWomen & Girls

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Our Mission

Support and empower disadvantaged youth and female athletes to increase physical and mental health. Assist athletes won’t be limited by gender through education and promote gender equality in sports. Expand athletes’ career development, increase their leadership and build up a global vision.

The Need

In Taiwan’s sports field most people care about the athletes’ performance, but ignore their physical, mental health and career development. When they have to leave the field, they may be limited by their life and education experience and lose the opportunity, even the ability to choose their career.

The Solution

They operate Disadvantaged Youth Athletes' support and empowerment program, which includes financial support, career and tutoring assistance, sport injury prevention and self-protection workshop. To support young athletes to keep their training and education while being able to imagine their future.

Our Impact

In 2020 and 2021, they support a girls softball team with 17 to 20 players. 2021, they start to provide tutoring, life foreign language courses, and sport injury prevention and self-protection workshop. They also develop several teaching materials and videos to promote gender equality in sports.

Taiwan Sport Forward Association was established to support and empower disadvantaged children, young, and female athletes, and to promote gender equality in sports and sports diplomacy. Besides described upon, they also have been carrying out several different programs, like “Baseball for Palestine, Love from Taiwan”, “Force for Boob: Sports Bra Equal Rights Program”, and some program of initiative for Gender Equality in Sports, Sports Experience Camp etc.

The Association hopes to make the issues about gender equality in sports visible in Taiwan, to support female athletes in having equal opportunities in Sports participation, competing, and careers in sports. To also connect with different countries and international sports and gender organizations, build sports diplomacy and make friends with world through sports.

Aside from that they also want to gather the resources, ideas, and power to make the glad tidings happen to create a better field of sports in Taiwan.

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Issue AreaWomen & Girls

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