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Taipei Medical University (TMU)

A medical university improving the quality of teaching, research, and clinical services.

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About TMU

Taipei Medical University (TMU), formerly known as Taipei Medical College (TMC), was founded on June 1, 1960. Its mission is to cultivate medical professionals with compassion, global perspectives as well as commitments to serving others.

Being one of the largest health care organizations which offers top-quality teaching, research, and clinical services in the Taipei metropolitan area, TMU operates 11 colleges, 15 undergraduate schools, and 46 graduate institutes as well as six affiliated hospitals that share the same philosophy to improve the quality of teaching, research and clinical services with the goal of becoming a fully internationalized and top-ranking university.

TMU Needs Your Support!

TMU Student Dormitory Fundraising Project


Between now and 2026, TMU plans to build a 13-floor building on campus as the student dormitory with a total of 380 beds and three-floor basements which will also be located on Maple Leaf Road; the current student dormitory will be retained.

Estimated Budget

  • Construction work (US$30,000,000)
    • Structure, interior design engineering, landscape…etc.
    • Power, mechanical and information engineering
    • Plumbing, fire protection and surveillance systems

This project will provide accommodation for 380 students so that they will have sufficient accommodation space for better learning.

Last but not the least, TMU follows SDGs 4 continually, we ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.


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About this Organization

Issue AreaEducation

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