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Give2Asia Recognized at CFPA’s 30th Anniversary Conference

The China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation is celebrating 30 years of collaboration to alleviate poverty and combat natural disasters.

The 30th Anniversary Conference of China Foundation of Poverty Alleviation was held on April 2nd, 2019 in Beijing, and honored Give2Asia as one of its Top 30 Partners in its efforts to reform vulnerable communities. In attendance at this conference were donors, partners, leaders, members of the council and staff of CFPA. Give2Asia’s China Chief Representative Carol Yang and Program Director Li Xing were present to accept the award on behalf of the organization. Over 10 donors including Pepsi, Wrigley, CAT Foundation, and Starbucks have supported programs organized by CFPA including the reconstruction of Ya An, Yu Shu, and the Nepal earthquake.

Li Xing received the award on the stage

A cumulative amount of 6.4 million USD was raised between the efforts of the two organizations. Give2Asia assisted with the grant management process, clarifying and implementing effective methods of delegating the funds. At the ceremony, Li Xing accepted the award with an assurance of continuing to battle issues like poverty and natural disasters in the Asia Pacific region.

In its official announcement, CFPA described the relationship with Give2Asia as follows:

“Giving is the beginning rather than ending. They are concerned with Asia and connect every remote corner with the world. For more than a decade, Give2Asia has supported CFPA with over ten programs in poor areas in China and with a total donation of over 6.4 million US dollar. They never stopped delivering warmth (love) year after year from far away.”

Li Xing (left), Program Director, and Carol Yang (right), China Chief Representative, attended the conference on behalf of Give2Asia.

Give2Asia has been cooperating with the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation since 2009, tackling issues like health and living conditions, poverty, and sustainable development. This partnership has proliferated over the years through the development of connections to remote regions with the rest of the world.


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