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2020 Australian Bushfire Crisis [UPDATED]

UPDATE: This disaster response fund has now closed. Thank you for your support!

The worst bushfires in modern history have affected much of Australia. As of February 2020, an estimated 46 million acres (18.6 million hectares) have burned. The fires have killed at least 34 people, destroyed over 2,700 homes, and devastated an estimated 1 billion Australian wildlife.

Our Australian NGO partners have been working tirelessly since the start of bushfire crisis to support rural volunteer firefighters, displaced families, and environmental restoration efforts. Your donation will enable these and other trusted organizations to respond effectively to this crisis:

Australian Red Cross
Supporting communities to rebuild after disasters and assist people to get prepared before disaster strikes. Your donation will go towards capacity building and resources assisting volunteers, aid workers and response staff.

The Salvation Army (New South Wales)
An international movement providing social support to the most disadvantaged, they provide services for people impacted by disasters, including financial assistance, emotional support and referrals. The donation will assist affected communities during time of crisis and throughout the recovery phase.

Foodbank Victoria
Providing emergency food relief to Victorian communities in times of natural disasters. Your contribution will directly support communities affected and isolated by the fires across Victoria during this crisis and for the recovery efforts months after.

NSW Rural Fire Service Association
Providing meals, clean clothing, and assistance to volunteer firefighters and their families. Your donation will enable them to continue providing assistance to volunteer firefighters who have been impacted by bushfires themselves, losing homes, farm equipment, fencing and livestock.  Partner also work with the RFS Chaplains who are trained and able to assist these people in their recovery process.

Country Fire Authority (Victoria) 
Grants to support rural volunteers and communities affected by the bushfire crisis.

Greening Australia
Leading ecological recovery and long-term habitat restoration to mitigate bushfire risk and increase resilience to climate change.

Wildlife Victoria
Supporting wildlife rehabilitation, habitat restoration in collaboration with local animal rescue groups.

Give2Asia funds organizations that will respond both to the immediate needs and that will be committed to long-term recovery. We typically seek to deploy 40% of what is raised for relief and 60% for recovery.

By donating through Give2Asia, your contribution will go directly to trusted, locally run charities in Australia. Since Give2Asia is a registered 501(c)3, donations from US donors are eligible to be tax deductible.

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