Japan Earthquake & Tsunami: 2011

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Please view our Donor Appreciation Video marking the two-year anniversary of the Tohoku disaster.


See what we’ve done over the past 12 months during the second year of recovery work in Tohoku. This report outlines each project pinkgloved-ladyindividually and includes an overview and needs assessment in the introduction. Click here to read it now.

Review what we accomplished in our first year. Here is a link back to the First Anniversary Report published by Give2Asia in March 2012. Click here to view.


Give2Asia began working in Japan in 2001. You can help make sure we are active when and where disasters strike across Asia.

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Our Strategy for Japan Disaster Response

Give2Asia is taking a local perspective on the Japan disaster, working to empower the affected communities and those whose communities have been destroyed. Give2Asia is funding local Japanese nonprofits, NGOs, professional associations (e.g. chambers of commerce; associations of lawyers, nurses, and other professionals), social enterprises and entrepreneurs addressing long-term recovery needs.Give2Asia funds projects that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Innovative ideas that require seed funding in order to demonstrate proof of concept, scale to serve more survivors, or graduate to public or corporate funding
  • Projects that effectively empower and enable survivors to rebuild their lives and livelihoods
  • Information sharing and networking initiatives that have the potential to strengthen and amplify recovery efforts
  • Creative solutions that overcome problems of coordination and information gaps to enable more efficient and effective recovery and rebuilding
  • Services that meet a specific need not currently being addressed by other major benefactors due to the scope of the disaster and allocation of resources for other needs

Note: Give2Asia has  completed the final round of proposals for new organizations requesting Tohoku recovery grants. Thank you to everyone who applied.

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