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Give a Mother’s Day Gift with a Big Impact

Make a Mother’s Day Donation

In honor of Mother’s Day, consider the impact that you can have showing support for mothers and families around the world. Even a small donation can have a profound effect on vulnerable women who lack the privilege and resources to care for a healthy family. Give2Asia is taking this moment to mobilize support for vulnerable women in Cambodia who are particularly under-served when it comes to critical family care. 

Being a new mother or starting a family is a daunting experience. What if you didn’t have the financial, emotional, or family support to raise a newborn child?  In Cambodia, the statistics surrounding pregnancy, children, and family life are staggering.  This is the reality for many women in Cambodia who have unwanted and unplanned pregnancies.  

The Reality for Women and Families in Cambodia:

How to Help: Mother’s Heart

Our partner, Mother’s Heart, is the first and only crisis pregnancy center in the country. They provide services such as financial assistance, medical care and professional counseling where no other organization is there to help. With your support, we can enable healthy livelihoods not only for vulnerable and under-served women in Cambodia, but also for their children.

Mother’s Heart Cambodia exists to support new and pregnant mothers so they have the resources to raise a newborn child. Mother’s Heart Organization have impacted 760 women and children to date. They help support women who have unwanted and unplanned pregnancies through their two main programs – Crisis Pregnancy Counseling, and Pregnancy Support. These programs help women receive the resources they need as pregnant women and new mothers by connecting them to services such as counseling, healthcare, childcare, and housing.

Your donations this Mother’s Day can help support a new mother and give her child the best future possible.

Donate to Mother’s Heart

Other Giving Opportunities

Learn more about other organizations providing critical support to women, such as these featured NGOs in Pakistan, Thailand, and India.

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About Give2Asia

Give2Asia is a San Francisco-based nonprofit that builds trusted networks for charitable investments in the Asia-Pacific region. Through a network of local field advisors throughout the region, we have unique access to grassroots-level projects that are overlooked by larger grantmaking organizations. Identified projects have been vetted by a thorough Due Diligence process to maximize the impact and sustainability of donations.

All donations made through our platform are tax-deductible, and at least 93% of every donation is guaranteed to go to the grantee. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to keep informed of our latest updates.

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