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Disaster Preparedness Fund

Building disaster resilience in vulnerable regions to minimize impacts of disasters.


Issue AreaDisaster

Tax benefit eligibilityUS, AU

Amount NeededGeneral Support Needed

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At Give2Asia, we believe that natural hazards do not have to lead to disasters. As a warming planet continues to create climate events that are increasing in frequency and intensity, communities throughout Asia and the Pacific must be better prepared to face the onslaught of catastrophes with resilience. Give2Asia’s programming is structured with holistic approaches in mind, so projects are both sustainable and scalable across the region. 

Give2Asia works to increase the capacity of local community-based organizations across Asia to prepare for disasters and build sustainable programming to address long-term climate challenges. We work with countries that are highly vulnerable to disasters to fund innovative programming at the community level. Disaster preparedness activities such as Local Risk Assessments; creating contingency plans; establishing and strengthening community-based disaster preparedness groups; disaster mitigation efforts such as tree planting, improving infrastructures, e.g. disaster-safe buildings, deciding and agreeing on evacuation plans and routes; regular disaster drills; and continue to increase skills and capacities on disaster preparedness are needed at a community level. To ensure better service for the communities they serve, local partners also need a continuous update to their skills and capacities in disaster preparedness, networking with multi-stakeholders at national to global level, and funding sustainability.  

Your contribution to this fund will go directly to programs in our preparedness network in disaster-prone areas. 

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