Yongin Green Dream Youth Shelter

A shelter working to prevent delinquency and provide social welfare services.

LocationSouth Korea

Issue AreaSocial Services

Tax benefit eligibilityUS

Amount NeededGeneral Support Needed

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  1. Mission

Yongin Green Dream Youth Shelter aims to establish a positive youth image by guiding out-of-family youths who are in dangerous situations such as poverty, abuse, delinquency, and maladaptive behavior at school.

It provides various services such as temporary protection, counseling, and education for out-of-family youths, in order to help them successfully return to their homes and society. Furthermore, the Shelter supports out-of-family youths to achieve stable self-reliance by encouraging these youths to be employed after those services.

  1. Needs and Solutions

Out-of-family youths suffer from violence and physical and emotional abuse by their parents. They are vulnerable to adapting to the new environment such as school life and find it difficult to learn something new because of the frustration and depression caused by unsettled family backgrounds. Even in such a burdensome situation, out-of-family youths are eager to prepare for their self-reliance to get a good job and have their own home. Thus, Yongin Green Dream Youth Shelter provides social services in various aspects for youths at risk to assist their self-reliance through job training and career education as a priority. It supports youths to obtain the basic learning ability required to adapt to school life. Furthermore, by supporting the counseling service for out-of-family youths, they can mingle with other social members as members of society, and overcome their inner conflicts and wounds.


  1. Our Impact

Since the establishment of the Yongin Green Dream Youth Shelter in 2003, 1,653 youths who are living away from their families because of family violence, abuse, and poverty have entered this Shelter. It has earned successful results and 797 of them have either achieved self-reliance or returned to their families.

By providing social services to these individuals, this Shelter helps them not only to overcome personal difficulties such as their depression, anxiety, and conflict with their parents but also to gain the necessary skills for social independence. These support efforts for youths enable them to become productive members of society and to contribute to its development.

About this Organization

LocationSouth Korea
Issue AreaSocial Services

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