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Break the cycle of poverty using financial inclusion as an instrument to enable education


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Our Mission

Provide integrated financial inclusion to ultra SME mothers to improve welfare, children’s education. Champion holistic programs to enable youth to optimize potential to be financially independent. Invest in aligned impactful and scalable social enterprises to strengthen & promote YCAB’s vision.

The Need

Many front liners have fallen whilst protecting you. They have left families & children behind. Many children have lost both parents and are now orphans. They need your support for education, living and counseling to continue their lives to follow in their parents footsteps and be tomorrow’s heroes.

The Solution

The program will deliver psychosocial, educational, and workforce skills to honor the sacrifices of frontline essential workers by supporting the families and their children’s needs. It will ensure that the children’s needs are fulfilled including their journey for a better future.

Our Impact

Direct beneficiaries of 250 children and 500 indirect beneficiaries will be impacted. They will be counseled to overcome grief and receive necessary financial, emotional, educational support and career advice. They will be resilient & confident adults able to face any challenges in the future.

About YCAB Foundation

YCAB Foundation is the founding and flagship organization in YCAB Social Enterprise Group which includes several for-profit entities that offer products and services to emerging consumers including mission-driven microfinance to low-income women entrepreneurs, conditional upon their child continuing education.


YCAB bases its operations on a mutually reinforcing and financially sustainable social change model with one clear mission which is to improve welfare through education and innovative financing. YCAB aims to vitalize underprivileged youths to become self-reliant through economic empowerment and education, bringing them from subsistence to sustainable livelihood. YCAB believes in the power of education to improve welfare. To date YCAB has brought impact to more than 4.8 million underprivileged youths and almost 200,000 low income mothers.

About this Organization

Issue AreaEducation

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