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Cross-Border Ageing: The Latest Trends and Opportunities Across East Asia

Webinar was held on Tuesday, March 26, 2019


The ageing population around the world is rising, and its growing impact will drive a significant growth in demands on the economy. These demands are especially serious in some East Asian countries where older people comprise a considerable proportion of the population. These communities are now challenged with creating a society that understands the economic and social impacts of ageing and welcomes the opportunities this cohort presents.

Australia, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan are all at a critical juncture in history to make the right choices to maintain, and improve, their society’s standards of living to support an ageing community.

The webinar hosted by four of Give2Asia’s Field Advisors representing these countries addressed the opportunities and discussed their experiences being involved in the philanthropic sector. The event was an opportunity for interested donors to directly connect with local experts and glean insights on strategically engaging with East Asia.

Representing Australia, Anita Toy shared the social challenges for the world’s 13th biggest economy and gave participants insights into why one-third of elderly Australians are living below the poverty line.

From Japan, participants heard from Yuko Fujino, who represents a country where the growing ageing population outweighs that of all other nations. Yuko provided insights on Japan’s epidemic of isolation which sees an increase of elderly people die in their homes without anyone knowing, known as Kodokushi.

Joining from Singapore, Sarah Kuruvilla shared with participants the challenges of having one of the oldest populations in the world and what that means for Singapore. It is expected by 2050 that half the population in Singapore will be elderly.

From Taiwan, Jill Chang shared some of the confronting challenges Taiwan is currently facing as the country is preparing for a decline in population by 2022. She spoke to the implications for the elderly and for the economy if the birth rates stay low.

The webinar focused on issues and opportunities within the ageing sector across these countries, and navigated the audience to connect to this cause.

This online session brought together grant makers and donors to understand the challenges and opportunities in more detail – and made their case for giving support to these communities. Below is a selection of recommended organizations, hand-picked by the panelists, that are working to address the issues discussed in the webinar.


Hondao Senior Citizen’s Welfare Foundation:

One of the Taiwan’s largest nonprofits serving senior citizens, Hondao is known for its active aging promotion projects including their “Senior Broadway Show” and “Seniors on Bikes”.

Greening Australia:

As discussed, one of the critical threats facing Australia’s future generations is climate-related dangers. Greening Australia is a leading actor in climate proofing the region to help transition it into a healthy, habitable space for generations to come.

Canan Disability Home:

A care institute providing long term and direct services to underprivileged people with disabilities and elder citizens in rural Taiwan.

Eden Social Welfare Foundation:

Serves weak individuals in the society, from children to the elderly, with a special interest in developmentally delay in children.

Huashan Foundation:

A nonprofit serving underprivileged elders, with services including home visits, accompaniment to health clinics and hospitals for medical treatment, bathing, assistance with material needs, and transfers to optimal care facilities.



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