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G2AHK Greater Bay Area Tomorrow Generation Program

Helping underprivileged students achieve higher education in China's Greater Bay Area

LocationChina - Hong Kong SAR

Issue AreaEducation

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Our Mission

The Greater Bay Area Tomorrow Generation program supports underprivileged, elite high school students for their university studies in China’s Greater Bay Area (GBA). The program aims to identify, nurture, and contribute to talent in the region.

The Need

The underprivileged students accepted by top universities will need support for their academic and daily living during their four years of studies in the region.

The Solution

GBA Tomorrow Generation provides scholarships, mentorship, and social learning experience to these outstanding students so they can attend their chosen universities.

Our Impact

This program will benefit the elite high school students from the Heroes Legacy and Tomorrow-iCAN programs by giving them a chance to learn, grow, and contribute to society.

Program Design

The G2AHK-GBA Tomorrow Generation program supports underprivileged, elite high school students identified by Give2Asia’s Heroes Legacy Program and Tomorrow-iCAN program. The fund is managed by the Give2Asia Foundation (G2AHK) in Hong Kong SAR PRC.


Students accepted by universities in the Greater Bay Area will receive a scholarship to support their academic and living expenses during their four years of studies.


Mentors identified by the universities and Give2Asia Foundation will be invited for a monthly meeting to guide the students and prepare them for their career development.

Social learning experiences

Give2Asia Foundation will work with universities to provide students with social learning experiences to foster social good in future society.

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