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The Mekong Club

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LocationChina - Hong Kong SAR

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Urgent Appeal to Address the Emerging Human Trafficking Scam Trade Across the World

Human trafficking is a grave and pervasive crime that affects millions of people worldwide, with devastating consequences for individuals, families, and communities. In recent years, a new form of human trafficking has emerged in Southeast Asia, where criminal networks engage in fraudulent recruitment and trafficking of individuals to scam people across the world out of their life savings.


This emerging human trafficking scam trade preys on the most vulnerable individuals, often involving forced labor, debt bondage, physical and sexual violence, and other forms of abuse. The scammers operate in large compounds, using high volumes of fraud, money laundering, and cryptocurrencies to evade detection and perpetrate their crimes.


The Mekong Club is committed to raising awareness about this heinous crime and preventing it from happening. Through their upcoming publication on the topic, they aim to shed light on the emerging scams and provide key indicators of human trafficking and modern slavery to aid banks and law enforcement agencies in detecting and preventing funds from entering the traditional financial system. They will highlight case studies and explain how scammers operate and the tactics they use to evade detection.


However, for The Mekong Club to continue its efforts in addressing this topic of human trafficking into scam centers, they require urgent funding support. They are seeking individuals and organizations to donate to our cause to help the thousands of victims being forced to scam against their will and protect others from being scammed. The Mekong Club is seeking this funding to implement an emergency campaign to achieve the following over the next six months:

  • Draft a white paper on the topic that helps banks and financial institutions to understand and address this issue;
  • Set up interbank Working Groups in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur to coordinate efforts to combat this problem;
  • Develop and implement a bank training program related to scam and human trafficking prevention;
  • Offer webinars and panels to provide continuing updates on this topic; and
  • Develop a Human Trafficking Scam Trade toolkit.


Every day that passes, more vulnerable individuals are lured into these scams, and criminal networks profit from their suffering. Action must be taken now to stop this heinous crime and make a difference in the lives of millions affected by it. The Mekong Club urges everyone to support their cause and work with banking communities across Asia and the world to address this issue. Every contribution helps.


Together, you and The Mekong Club can create a world where human trafficking is eradicated, and people can live free from exploitation and abuse.

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LocationChina - Hong Kong SAR
Issue AreaCivil Society

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