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COVID19’s impact on health systems and its workforce has caused substantial collateral damage worldwide due to disruptions in treatment, over burdening of health systems, and reductions in investments and infrastructure. Like other countries, India adopted a variety of measures to curb the spread of the virus, prevent health care systems from becoming overwhelmed and provide treatment to the critically ill. Alongside supporting government efforts, we responded to the pandemic by undertaking a relevant, innovative and impactful program of research, policy and implementation to find treatment, influence public health activities around awareness, prevention and cure and support communities where we work.

TGI is seeking support for two innovative approaches.

  1. Use of innovative 3-D printed masks to treat respiratory failure and reduce dependence on scarce ventilators. These masks work on the same physiological principles as mechanical ventilation that is recommended for respiratory failure during COVID19 infection. We will test the effectiveness of the mask for the prevention of adverse clinical outcomes of COVID19 patients. If the mask produces improvements in clinical outcomes, there would be a strong case to invest in the local low-cost mass production that will allow the technology to be provided across the developing world.
  2. A community–led intervention to prevent and respond to outbreak in rural areas of India. We will work with communities in different epidemiological trajectories to control COVID19 pandemic through co-creation of intervention with communities as owners, identify their needs and strengths to stimulate action for local solutions. Linkages will be built with local institutions in the community and health facilities. The project will build capacity and empower the community to change their knowledge, attitude and practice to prevent and control COVID19, and access health services. We will test the efficacy and cost effectiveness of interventions and strategies and if the outcomes indicate improvements, further investments will be sought to scale it up for mitigating COVID19 crisis, bolster the health system efforts, meeting ongoing needs of the community in other settings.

The George Institute for Global Health’s mission is to improve the health of millions of people worldwide especially the disadvantaged populations. We aim to change the traditional ways of treating non-communicable diseases, providing the best evidence to guide critical health decisions, and engaging with decision makers to endorse real change.

Over time unhealthy diets, sedentary lifestyles and demographic transitions have caused diabetes, heart attacks, stroke, kidney failure etc. to become the leading causes of death and disability, accounting for over 70% of preventable deaths globally each year.

The Institute is globally pioneering improved treatments, better care, technologies and services to help address this disease burden. We are generating high-quality evidence to strengthen primary health care systems to tackle infections and chronic conditions, achieve universal health coverage, provide the best care and treatment to women, management of non-communicable diseases and address neglected health conditions. We work with 300,000 people across 20 states and 45 districts.

The research and projects are influencing policy and practice by engaging with the central and state governments, civil society organizations, communities and multilateral organizations like the WHO and the UN.

Current programs include:

  1. Transforming primary health care to support better health
  2. Providing the best care and treatments to women
  3. Response to COVID-19 pandemic

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