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Teach for Japan


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High Quality Education

Teach For Japan aims to achieve a Japan where all children, regardless of their region, type of school or socio-economic circumstances, have access to a quality education in order to reach their full potential. The mission of Teach For Japan is to recruit, encourage and prepare talented young people to become inspiring teachers and leaders to provide a better education for every child in Japan. For two years at a time, Teach For Japan fellows will focus particularly on providing their students with the necessary 21st-century skills, mindsets, and behaviors to have increased life opportunities in an increasingly more global and complex world. Under the mission of “changing the world from the classroom”, Teach for Japan will contribute to establishing a society, where all children have access to quality education. They have place 39 ambitious leaders as teachers in each community in 2020, and they are planning to recruit 100 leaders in 2021.

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