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Project Spotlight: Supporting Healthcare Heroes in Hong Kong SAR

Give2Asia and our local partners delivered 3,000+ care packages to frontline healthcare workers fighting COVID-19 pandemic.

UPDATE: This fundraising campaign has concluded. Thank you again for your support!

By Minnie Yeung (Chief Representative, Hong Kong SAR PRC)

Hong Kong’s fight against COVID-19 continues with no end in sight. During this fight, we must support the frontline workers who are putting their health and lives at risk to protect us all. We must also support those working hard behind the scenes identify cases and minimize community transmission.

To recognize them and to show appreciation, Give2Asia and our local partners in Hong Kong SAR — in collaboration with the Hong Kong Hospital Authority —presented 3,000+ care packages to 17 hospital workers and laboratory staff at 17 public hospitals:

  • Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital
  • Queen Mary Hospital
  • Princess Margaret Hospital
  • Prince of Wales Hospital
  • Ruttonjee Hospital
  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital
  • The Duchess of Kent Children’s Hospital
  • Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital
  • Grantham Hospital
  • Tung Wah Hospital
  • Kwong Wah Hospital
  • North Lantau Hospital
  • Yan Chai Hospital
  • North District Hospital
  • Tuen Mun Hospital
  • United Christian Hospital
  • Caritas Medical Centre

We received many heartwarming responses from healthcare workers expressing their gratitude for the care packages. Here are a few:

“Thank you for sending our team the lovely gifts and appreciation letters. We are so grateful and encouraging for your support, love and care in this hard time fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic.” – Ms. PK Ng, Tuen Mun Hospital

“The items in the gift pack are useful and thoughtful, especially for someone who is working in UCH during such trying times. Let me express my thankfulness again for being recognized and I felt that we are not alone of fighting against the COVID-19.” – Ms. Angela Tsai, United Christian Hospital

“As a laboratory staff, unlike frontline staff, we have little interaction with the public. I deeply appreciate and am encouraged upon receiving the gift pack. It’s a great acknowledgment to our work.” – Ms. Wai Chi Wan, Queen Mary Hospital

“The gift pack is big and everyone in the lab reacted with a ‘Wow’. The gift brought surprise and smiles not only to myself, but also to my family.” -Mr. Wong Kwok Wing, North District Hospital

Special thanks to Union Bancaire Privée, Flow Traders, Fitch Ratings, G2A.COM, Sasa International Holdings Limited, Arome Bakery and AQ Bio Technology Group for your generous support of this project.

Please join us in showing our gratitude to all the health care workers responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. You can donate online or email for other giving options.

Note: Online donations are being collected through Give2Asia’s Hong Kong SAR foundation. Donations through this form are eligible for tax benefits in Hong Kong SAR only. USA-based donors, please contact us for giving options.




為了表彰他們及感謝他們的無私貢獻, Give2Asia 贈送協助新型冠狀病毒肺炎化驗工作的公立醫院員工一個特別的“感謝禮包”。相比他們的貢獻,禮包內物品的價值實在微不足道,但卻滿載我們真摯的感謝、支持及鼓勵。三千多個“感謝禮包”已經送達醫院管理局醫院聯網中照顧新冠肺炎病患者的醫院:

1.   東區尤德夫人那打素醫院

2.    瑪麗醫院

3.    律敦治醫院

4.    瑪嘉烈醫院

5.    威爾斯親王醫院

6.    伊利沙伯醫院

7.    大口環根德公爵夫人兒童醫院

8.    雅麗氏何妙齡那打素醫院

9.    葛量洪醫院










在此我們誠意邀請您共同為醫護團隊各人獻上感謝與祝福。請在網上捐款或電郵至 與我們團隊聯繫。

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