To serve vulnerable communities in accordance with the spirit of Christ.

LocationSouth Korea

Issue AreaSocial Services

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Sunhouse is a social welfare facility that supports individuals with disabilities by developing programs and providing social adaptation training for them. Their mission is to serve vulnerable communities in accordance with the spirit of Christ. They strive to promote the rehabilitation and healing of individuals with intellectual disabilities, while also contributing to welfare promotion and development of the wider community.

Sunhouse’s philosophy is rooted in their Christian spirit. Sunhouse supports people with intellectual disabilities to have independent control over their lives and to establish a sense of self-integrity and holistic development. Sunhouse provides professional rehabilitation services to help individuals integrate into society. The staff at Sunhouse advocate for the disabled, love them as human beings, and prioritize public interests. They strive for professionalism, self-improvement, and creating a workplace conducive to self-realization. Sunhouse also maintains relationships with the community, raising awareness among local residents and actively improving community facilities.

Sunhouse’s guiding principles include love, a spirit of service, and the realization of the Christian Welfare Model, creating a pleasant living space, respecting individual characteristics of the disabled, transparent and efficient operations, and specializing in support administration as a social welfare facility.

Sunhouse offers various activities such as horticultural and scenic rehabilitation programs, club activities including mountaineering, fitness, and travel, social adaptation training including economics, restaurants, and public transportation, vocational rehabilitation training with individual learning management, and a special education business at Hongcheon agricultural high school. Sunhouse provides medical rehabilitation diagnosis, support, and treatment, offering education on rehabilitation and life guidance through individual and group sessions and clubs, facilitating social and psychological rehabilitation through counseling, religious guidance, and emotional stabilization programs, providing independent life training through resident role activities, social adaptation training, and vocational training, and developing and utilizing community welfare resources.

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LocationSouth Korea
Issue AreaSocial Services

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