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Empowerment and education

The primary beneficiaries of Sukarya’s Gender Equality program are the adolescent girls (11-19 years) include those attending government schools and those not attending any schools and live in slums & hard-to-reach villages of Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

In addition to the UNICEF report citing that 30% of adolescents in India report physical & sexual abuse, a 2015 IMJR article noted that as many as 62% of women living in slums reported violence by intimate partners. As per the UNICEF report one third of world’s total child marriages (15-18 years) take place in India and instances of these child marriages are extremely high in the slums and rural villages.

Sukarya has developed and implemented a curriculum as part of its Gender Equality program that is ideal for these populations. The goal of this program is to reduce the likelihood of that same oppressive pattern emerging by proactively educating girls who currently lack access to education on sexual/reproductive health, family life skills, and self defense training.

To be implemented in 10 slum  locations for the next three years with proper monitoring, around 5000 Adolescent Girls would be empowered on reproductive health aspects and Family life dimensions. These Adolescent Girls would be trained to be the peers to other adolescents living in their communities. They will be able to have a healthier life and would be well informed about internal and external threats of life and future challenges. Overall Health and Gender Empowerment would be ensured to create a healthy society.

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