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Issue AreaWomen & Girls

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Our Mission

Enable grassroots to empower themselves through grassroots formation, education, and capacity building, and achieving sustainable development while enjoying their rights, living a dignified life, and respecting the rights of all built on gender equality, equity, and social justice.

The Need

Widows and destitute individuals face challenging situations. They need economic sustainability and independence to prevent them from being further excluded by society in normal day-to-day life.

The Solution

Capacity building, marketing skills, business techniques, and financial documentation for micro-businesses, along with confidence-building measures, are essential for SHED's women beneficiaries. They require seed money to invest, start, and run their micro-businesses, ensuring year-long income.

Our Impact

SHED INDIA promoted the Velicham Women Federation federating 20 rural women groups in Thiruvonam Block, Thanjavur District for their collective socio- economic activities and enabled them to work for their welfare and villages. Major activities mutual support to members and groups.

Young widows and destitute women (Women abandoned by their husbands) facing challenges and difficulties such as ill-treatment by neighbors, poorly treated by their own kith and kin, relatives in auspicious ceremonies in families, they should not come in front of the man or woman whenever he or she leaves home for office or other works as they could not succeed in their works or task for which they embark from home. Usually, women do not have the freedom of owning, possessing money in their hands. They are not consulted when decisions making done, usually, women are not taken into consideration when decisions are made, needless to say about the widow’s situation.

Women themselves keep away from attending functions and celebrations, and they are not even able to express their thoughts in public. This is because they lost their husband and women who are abandoned by their husbands, they will depend on their families for money and any decision-making because of the wrong beliefs and customs followed in the villages for a long time. They are not even allowed to make decisions on their own for their basic needs. They are weaker in strength and economy.

Even they are facing challenges to raise their children as single women. Since they are in the rural villages the job opportunities for them will be very low and most of them had not crossed the school education in the villages.

SHED can build the capacity of this women by motivating them to stand on their own. Workshops and training will be organized to build their knowledge, skills, competencies, financial literacy, account keeping, etc. They will be helped to form small groups’ habitation or village-wise, and these small groups will be federated into a larger group run by the women beneficiaries and officials from SHED INDIA.

100 widows and destitute will be supported with seed money to do vending activities viz. vegetables, fruits, flowers, run mess, evening and morning refreshments, petty shop, and other rural-based micro business activities.

Besides this support and training, women beneficiaries will be helped with Government schemes and programs to get additional benefits and economic support to augment their economic situation. They will be helped to get support for their children, especially daughters for education and jobs.

Through this project intervention, 100 women and their families will get regular work and income around the year and help them to lead self-dependent lives and have their own livelihoods in their hands.

These women will have increased confidence in themselves and their capacities to run their own economic activities, make income, and support their families dependent on their own. That will make them role models in their neighborhood to those women in need

SHED INDIA needs your support for the development of these single women/mothers to lead a sustained and dignified life.

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Issue AreaWomen & Girls

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