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Seafood Legacy


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Sustainable Seafood Businesses

Seafood Legacy is a consulting firm that supports sustainable seafood businesses and environmental organizations in Japan and around the world. The firm helps build partnerships that lead to Japanese-friendly solutions that support global fisheries recovery. Many fisheries around the world are harvested beyond their sustainable levels. This, combined with complex factors such as coastal development, marine pollution, and climate change, has brought the balance to a breaking point. In Japan, despite gradual advances in corporate social responsibility, the topic of ocean conservation has received little attention. Seafood Legacy believes that Japan is on the brink of change. Without strong government leadership for policy reform in Japan, business and NGOs need to become drivers of change to preserve the country’s seafood legacy. Seafood Legacy was formed to develop the partnerships necessary to solve the complex problems of sustainable seafood supply chains. By tapping into the experience of the global sustainability community and connecting it to innovative businesses in Japan, Seafood Legacy hopes to transform the Japanese seafood market, support our ocean resources, and build a better future.

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