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To support financially constrained, yet deserving students of Royal College to achieve their educational objectives.

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Issue AreaEducation

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Our Mission

To support students facing various financial challenges during their studies at Royal College, enabling them to develop valuable skills and become well-rounded individuals.

The Need

Royal College Union identifies students pursuing secondary and tertiary education with economic, psychological, educational, or social special needs. After a rigorous selection process, they provide scholarships to deserving students who meet their stringent criteria.

The Solution

The Loyalty Pledge provides scholarships to Royalists based on academic and co-curricular achievements. They conduct an Annual Health Camp and offer a structured educational program to enhance language, personality, and communication skills development.

Our Impact

The Educational Scholarship Program awarded 2,488 scholarships to doctors, engineers, IT professionals, and 121 honorarium scholarships to talented Royalists representing Sri Lanka in competitions up to 2022.

Loyalty Pledge is committed to supporting fellow Royalists who are aspiring to achieve their dreams. Loyalty Pledge is sustained by its own income-sourcing programs and donations of past Royalists and non-Royalists alike living around the world.

Loyalty Pledge was established in 2002 with a dedicated management committee appointed by the Royal College Union. It is administered by the Loyalty Pledge Management Committee consisting of the Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer appointed by the Royal College Union every year. The Management Committee is supported by a committee of old Royalists and full-time administrative staff.

Loyalty Pledge offers the following scholarships to Royalists who are pursuing secondary and tertiary education in Sri Lanka. The students are selected for the scholarships through a stringent criterion that considers the academic and co-curricular activities of the student.

Educational Scholarship Programmes:

1. Help a Needy Student Scholarship (HNS)

  • Loyalty Pledge HNS scholarships with an annual financial value of Rs 48,000 are available to deserving students from financially challenged backgrounds from Year 6 to Year 13.
  • The scholarship period is one year period commencing from 1st July to 30th June every year.
    The total amount of the scholarship is deposited to the student’s bank account directly in four installments which is remitted at the beginning of each quarter.
  • Once awarded, the recipient has to meet strict academic and co-curricular performance criteria and standards to renew the scholarship.
  • Those who are meeting the performance standards during the annual review continue to receive the scholarship till the end of their entire school career.

2. Tertiary Education Support (TES) Scholarships for Royalists in State Universities

  • Loyalty Pledge TES scholarships are awarded to Royalists from financially challenged backgrounds entering the state universities.
  • The financial support continues until the completion of the Degree.
  • The undergraduates selected for the scholarships are awarded Rs. 48,000/- for a year.
  • The total amount of the scholarship is deposited to the Student’s bank account directly in four installments which are remitted at the beginning of each quarter.

3. Loyalty Pledge Honorarium Scholarships

  • Loyalty Pledge Honorarium Scholarships recognize the exceptional achievements of gifted students when they represent Sri Lanka at international competitions recognized by the Ministry of Education.
  • An honorarium scholarship is paid to defray the cost to travel and other expenses for those traveling overseas.
  • Some of the sports and core curricular events supported include Boxing, Baseball, Rugby, Badminton, Squash, Karate, Basketball, Badminton, Chess, Hockey, Mathematics Olympiad, and Science Olympiad.
  • Annual Medical Screening Camp
    • Ensuring that numerous health issues among students are addressed promptly at various stages is extremely important among a population of 8500 plus students at Royal. Annual Health Camp for year 6 students introduced in 2003 by Loyalty Pledge in association with Royal College Doctors Association (“RCDA”) has seen over 15,000 students being screened during the past 20 years.
    • Students identified with acute and chronic health conditions that require further attention are referred to various specialty clinics with due attention from RCDA members.

Personality and Communication Skills Development Programme

Loyalty Pledge recently embarked on an initiative to enhance the language, personality & communication skills development of the students of Royal College by conducting a structured educational program with the assistance of professionally qualified English teachers. The first phase of the program commenced in February 2020, with the participation of grade 6 and 7 students. And have expanded it up to grades 8 and 9 last year.

As donations are the primary source of income for the Loyalty Pledge, your generous contribution is welcomed. They would like to highlight that all donations are collected into the fund of the Loyalty Pledge from which the scholarship amounts are distributed. They do not disclose the identity of the scholars to the donors as they believe that the dignity of scholars should be respected.

General Scholarships

The sponsorship for a scholarship is Rs. 48,000 which can be paid in one installment or monthly installments. You can submit the application electronically and the payment can be remitted to the bank account of Loyalty Pledge.

Perpetual Scholarships

A Perpetual Scholarship is Rs. 400,000 which is a one-time payment. The interest income of a Perpetual Donation will be used to finance the scholarships of the Loyalty Pledge.

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LocationSri Lanka
Issue AreaEducation

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