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Stopping poverty and economical exploitation among tribal groups


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Since their experience in the past 11 years on tribal development program, Tribe girls and women are facing sex abuse, rape, murder, bondage, caste abuse, economical exploitation and working place violence. As Tribe people are very bottom level of Indian caste system along with caste slavery and caste bondage, multiple oppressions on tribe women and girls are fallen from upper caste male and female. At domestic level she faces violence as child marriage, family burden, affecting of superstition and Migration are making further oppression and tragedy life.

ROSI FOUNDATION provides training to girls and women on women issue and legal action. It takes issue when a girl or woman is affected from abuse, exploitation, rape and other gender based violence. It provides rehabilitation of victims that temporary shelter, food, medicine and cloth. It motivates all school going tribe girls on RCH and abuses. Tribe SHGs/forest groups are strengthened. Counseling is provided to all 15000 tribe women by home to home visit of counselors.

ROSI runs skill training in livelihoods that MFP (minor forest produces) is available into forest and Tribal people are collecting and selling to middlemen. So meager amount is given to tribal people, who are exploited in the matter. Poverty, deprivation and exploitation are being continued among tribal people. ROSI is providing business equipment and other input for their self business after training. They are processing MFP and selling in the market for 10 times prices of raw/unprocessed materials rate. It is removing them from exploitation and poverty.

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