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Provide training for marginalized women to give them access to safe and quality employment


Issue AreaWomen & Girls

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Our Mission

Empowering marginalized women through skills education as a means to develop sustainable communities in Indonesia.

The Need

Lack of education leaves women only with the prospect of accessing unskilled employment and increases the risk of trafficking or early marriage. ROLE Foundation provides vocational training to open access to safe, quality work, crucial life skills, and confidence to build their power and agency.

The Solution

Provide a 6 month hospitality training on a scholarship basis First quarter of basic training: structured classes and workshops in hospitality and life skills Second quarter: job training at hotel partners Post-graduation: placing graduates in skilled positions in the hospitality sector

Our Impact

Since 2013, 732 young women participated in the program with 96% training completion, 76% post-training employment rate, and 33% average salary contributed to families.

ROLE Foundation/Bali WISE continuously strengthens linkages with the Education Department, orphanages, and N.G.O.s partnering in student recruitment in remote parts of the Indonesian archipelago. Research shows that families, where women have skilled employment, are more likely to prioritize education for their children. On a larger scale, the project will address cyclical poverty and the welfare of children, and will contribute to sustainable, lasting change. Skilled employment puts young women in the position to:

  • Empower their families and bring a socioeconomic impact, sending home an average of 33% of their income to support, for instance, education of younger siblings, providing food to the table, or funding medical treatment. 
  • Bring crucial gender impact by becoming role models for other young people, especially young women, and encourage them to get an education.
  • Also bring a societal impact; ROLE observes their graduates contributing to their communities on different islands. With their guidance, some graduates have formally associated, created and accomplished small projects such as building a library, providing food and reusable masks for marginalized people, teaching the local community about organic farming, and teaching children at the cancer center. 

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Issue AreaWomen & Girls

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