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Enabling every Sri Lankan child to be equally proficient and fluent in English by 2022.

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Illiteracy in English is a major problem globally, denying populations opportunities of higher education and training. This entraps them in the cycle of generational poverty. Using the power of Educational Technology (EdTech), RightToRead Sri Lanka has established a goal to bring English proficiency to an entire generation of Sri Lankan children by 2022. Imagine all Sri Lankan youth speaking English fluently!

Sri Lanka has 4.2 million students receiving education across 10,194 government run schools. The RightToRead Sri Lanka team will install a smart board at every English classroom. The smart boards will be equipped with “ReadToMe” teacher aid developed by EnglishHelper Global. The system and the methodology are proven. It has already helped transform the lives of over 8 million children around the world with 5 million in India. The program is now up and running in Sri Lanka as well. As at September 2020 they had 344,297 students on the program across 616 schools and the results have been outstanding.  RightToRead is measuring between 30-50% improvement in proficiency after just 75 days of usage. The local Ministry of Education prescribed English textbooks have been digitised along with local language translation. By leveraging on the Ministry of Education infrastructure, the RightToRead Sri Lanka team will ensure that every English teacher is trained and comfortable using the smart board. Project partners will ensure mobile internet facilities are made available at every school allowing for detailed online monitoring of ReadToMe usage.

The RightToRead project Partners will also bare all administration, logistics and other expenses that don’t go toward the student. 100% of your donation to RightToRead will be committed toward the students. While they have had good progress thus far, the project now needs to be scaled. The goal is to reach 4 million students in schools across the country. This should give the program sufficient momentum before it is handed off to the Ministry of Education to further expand and sustain the project. The RightToRead Sri Lanka team have a set funding target of $ 9 million to reach 4 million students across the country. This represents the cost of the new smart-boards for 9,000 more smart classrooms.

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LocationSri Lanka
Issue AreaEducation

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