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Give2Asia and partners deliver 54,000 COVID test kits in Hong Kong SAR

Responding to the recent COVID-19 surge, Give2Asia Foundation Ltd. donated rapid antigen test kits to local charities and frontline healthcare workers.

By Eva Lam (Partnerships & Development Manager, Hong Kong SAR PRC)

As Hong Kong continues its fight against COVID-19, citizens are encouraged to undergo self-test for early detection of coronavirus infections. This has led to huge demand for rapid antigen test kits in the city.

In response to the pressing need for rapid antigen test kits in Hong Kong SAR, Give2Asia Foundation Ltd. partnered with 8 local charities including J Life Association, Branches of Hope, HK Care & Poverty Relief Association, and Child Psychoecology Foundation Limited to distribute 54,000 rapid antigen test kits to underprivileged families and to frontline medical workers of Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital.

The donation is supported by Give2Asia’s COVID-19 Coronavirus Fund for Hong Kong SAR. The fund was established to support local projects providing supplies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Together, we fight the virus! Please join us to support other COVID-19 relief projects for Hong Kong SAR. You can donate online or contact us for other giving options.

Note: Online donations for this campaign can be made to our US, Australia, or Hong Kong SAR PRC charitable organisations. Please be sure to select the correct location for tax purposes.




此次捐贈由『贈與亞洲基金會』設立的「贈與亞洲基金 COVID-19 基金」捐款支持。

同心抗疫 ~ 我們誠意邀請您繼續支持及捐款到「贈與亞洲基金 COVID-19 基金」的其他項目 。您可於網上直接捐款或電郵至 與我們的團隊聯繫。

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