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Enhance the Ecosystems

Pusod is an environmental non-profit that has been active in the conservation and community development work in Lake Taal for the past decade. Since 2003, Pusod has been supporting the fisherfolk, youth and women in communities living inside the protected area in creating high-valued and low-impact livelihood opportunities on tourism and service industry.

Though disaster preparedness efforts were done in the past, the Taal Volcano unrest last Jan. 12, 2020 and following days had disrupted the lives of the communities that are heavily reliant to the volcanic soil of the crater island and the lake around it.

Pusod will continue to extend its effort beyond relief operations and augment the effort of communities on recovery. Pusod and the protected area communities will co-design a disaster recovery plan and implement programs that will help to continuously uplift quality of life without exploiting natural resources. Pusod envisions communities that are energized by their cultural and ecological wealth, living with reverence for the Earth and all life.

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