Protibandhi Shishu Shiekkha O Paricharja Samity

Provide relief & rehabilitation support to affected people


Issue AreaDisaster

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Our Mission

Uplift socioeconomic and cultural conditions of vulnerable members of society, including women, children, and persons with disabilities. Promote equal rights and opportunities in mainstream development. Provide relief and rehabilitation during catastrophes through long-term community partnerships.

The Need

Heavy rain, flood water, drought, storms, and river erosion have devastated villages in Jamalpur, Bangladesh. Thousands have lost their homes, farmland, and possessions, mobility devices, and education. PROSHIPS will provide immediate assistance to people with disabilities that are affected.

The Solution

The project will help 1000 families with disabilities respond to emergencies and catastrophes, to help regain their livelihoods and rebuild their lives. This includes rehabilitation and cash support, food and clothes support, WASH facilities, mental and general health camps with medicine support.

Our Impact

The project will bring 1000 families with disabilities in multiple villages to safety; reduce long-term vulnerability; help rebuild lives to start anew. Grants will transition into long-term recovery efforts to empower them to earn a living, grow as valued citizens of Bangladesh, enjoy a full life.

PROSHIPS is an NGO in the Jamalpur district of Bangladesh, an Organization working on the development of Persons with Disabilities to build long-term partnerships with local communities on relief & rehabilitation support to any catastrophes to facilitate sustainable, innovative, and life-saving for the most vulnerable. Project designed to ensure 1000 families hope to Person with disabilities has the right to quality response on relief & rehabilitation support to any catastrophes. When a person develops the get access to medical services and becomes more independent and autonomous, his family dynamics get better. Project specially designed to ensure the rights of Persons with Disabilities and support 1000 Families through facilitating proper services to ensure response relief & rehabilitation support to any catastrophes.

  1. Rehabilitation and Cash Support: In partnership with Community groups with disabled persons, cash grants and rehabilitation support will be provided to address the need for rehabilitation.
  2. Food Support: Families who have lost livelihood and struggling to avail daily necessities and food will be provided with emergency food packs.
  3. Relief support: To address the scarcity of safe drinking water and acute shortage of WASH facilities, basic hygiene materials, menstrual hygiene kits, and water purification tablets will be provided
  4. Post-emergency health camp will be organized to focus on emerging diseases after the flood. The health camp will provide on-site screening by health workers, and the health camp will organize consultations by specialist doctors and prescription and essential medicine support. Patients will be referred to nearby healthcare centers if needed for further follow-up.
  5. Mental health: Mental health support through the health camp will be provided to the rescuer and affected people.
  6. Warm Clothes Distribution: Blankets and sweaters for 1000 children with disabilities so they are safe from cold & rough weather.

Program contributions to Poverty Reduction: Person with Disabilities inclusion and get access to relief & rehabilitation services. They are led to quality lives with improved physical and environmental conditions. Parents are free from money expenses and they can save money for future living and poverty will reduce.

Contribution towards SDG: Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in Bangladesh focused on rights to accessibility and other key elements which all have been addressed by this project. Persons with Disabilities have acquired their basic living needs for survival so to consider the SDG theme “Leave no one behind”, should address the most vulnerable persons with disabilities including girls Children & adolescent’s girls & Women with disabilities in the rural Community. This project is fully dedicated to developing the potential of Persons with Disabilities, thus this contributes towards achieving the vision of SDG too.

Org. Working Experience: PROSHIPS has started working in the field in 1999. PROSHIPS have been working through Health Services, Education, Socialization & Social Justice, Empowerment and Livelihood programs, and awareness & advocacy programs for the Inclusive Development of persons with disabilities in the community.  They are running a program with partner/donor contributors for implementing project activities through financial and kind support. Those are, Global Giving Foundation USA, Handicap International Bangladesh office, Centre for Disability in Development (CDD) & Christ Fall Blindness Mission(CBM)  Manusher Janno Foundation (MJF) with DFID,  Jatio Protibandhi Unnoyan Foundation, Ministry of Social Welfare, Govt. of Bangladesh and Directorate of Primary Education, Govt of Bangladesh, Directorate of the Women affairs, under the  Ministry of Women and Child Affairs, Govt. of Bangladesh, Liliane Foundation Netherlands- with DRRA  and The SKN Netherland, etc.

Org, Recognize By Bangladesh Government and Foreign agency: PROSHIPS is committed to working for Promoting Children with Disabilities’ Rights and Dignity with Creating an enabling environment in the Community.  PROSHIPS got recognized from Govt. of Bangladesh and Different ministries and Foreign bodies. They are given bellow details information-

  1. Recognize Certificate from Bureau of Educational and cultural Affairs and Bureau of democracy ,Human Rights and labor ,The United States Department of State (USA)  for Commitment to advancing disability rights and Participation in Empower Program in the year of 2013 .
  2. Recognize Certificate from Jointly Ministry of Social Welfare, Directorate of Social Services National Foundation of Development of the Disable, NADPO, and NFOWD for successfully participation of National Disability fair 5th – 9th December 2005.
  3. Recognize Certificate from Jointly Ministry of Social Welfare, Directorate of Social Services National Foundation of Development of the Disable, NADPO, and NFOWD for successfully participation of National Disability fair 6th – 9th December 2004.
  4. Recognize Certificate from EPI Program under Directorate of Health, Govt. of Bangladesh for Contribution on Polio Free Bangladesh for the year of 2002.

ORGANIZATIONAL MANAGEMENT: PROSHIPS comprise a 41-member General body and 9 members Executive Committee (EC). The Executive Committee is elected for a two-year term by the general body in every alternative annual general meeting. The executive committee is solely responsible for all the activities of the organization. The Executive Committee selects an Advisory Committee comprising members, including persons with varied expertise and knowledge in the relevant field, dedicated community organizers, local elites, members of the local authority, and the most popular and acceptable personalities of the community. Members of this Advisory Committee would contribute to PROSHIPS for its proper implementation of programs and survival. The General Secretary is carrying out the responsibilities of program implementation, and all administrative and support services of the PROSHIPS secretariat. The General Secretary of the organization is working as the ex-officio Member Secretary and the Executive Director of PROSHIPS Secretariat.  The Executive Director is responsible for day-to-day activities of the organization. The staff members provide their every support to the Executive Director and perform their activities with full responsibility. A well-motivated and well-coordinated team of staff is making their endeavors to contribute to the mainstream development of the community. The performances of all the staff members are evaluated systematically and periodically.

About this Organization

Issue AreaDisaster

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