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Plastics For Change Recycling Corporation


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Changing Lives Through Recycling

Plastics for Change has developed an ethical sourcing platform to create sustainable livelihoods for the poor while transitioning the industry towards a circular economy. They work towards breaking the cycle of poverty for thousands of informal waste collectors in developing countries and prevent ocean-bound plastics from contaminating the environment.  The platform catalyzes the recovery and recycling of plastics waste in a profitable manner while helping brands meet & exceed their extended producer responsibility. The platform also serves as a tool for ensuring that urban waste workers receive a fair price for the discarded plastics they collect.

The mission of Plastics for Change is to liberate a million waste workers by providing fair market access through our platform. Not only do they believe this goal is possible, but they also believe it is fundamental to achieve many of the SDGs including Decent Work and Economic Growth.

Through this fundraiser, Plastics for Change will activate the fairtrade supply chain in additional locations. In addition to secured livelihood opportunities, this will provide social services like healthcare, education, training, social and financial inclusion services for the well-being of waste workers and their families.

With every donation, you become a part of the story, a change, and a solution. You are not only helping divert ocean-bound plastic from entering the ocean but also the most marginalised community in the world. We’d love you to be a part of this change!

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