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PKPU Human Initiative


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Implement emergency programs

PKPU Human Initiative was born from the multidimensional crisis that hit Indonesia from the years 1997 to 1999. These crises were exacerbated by various natural and humanitarian disasters. On these conditions, the PKPU Foundation was founded through a Notary Deed on December 10th, 1999, as a social agency that provides aid from the community through its 3 main programs: the handling of aids for disasters, rehabilitation, and community empowerment.

PKPU’s work is channelled to nearly all of the provinces of Indonesia through its 15 regional branches and work partners. These programs are targeted towards poor communities, evacuees, and victims of disasters.

To realize the vision and mission of the institution, we focus on four areas of work which include economy, health, education, and emergency response.

PKPU’s Mission:

* Utilizing emergency programs, recovery, empowerment in improving the quality of life and building independence.
* Establish partnerships with the community, business world, government, media, academia and other civil society organizations (CSOs) on the basis of alignment with the values adopted by the institution.
* Conduct study, research, development and capacity building activities that are relevant for increasing the effectiveness of the role of Civil Society Organizations.
* Take an active role and encourage the formation of various cooperation forums and other important socio-humanitarian programs at national, regional and global levels.

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