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One Heart Worldwide

Committed to ensuring no Nepali woman or her newborn dies from a lack of quality healthcare


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Our Mission

One Heart Worldwide’s mission is to save the lives and promote the wellbeing of mothers and their newborns in underserved communities of rural Nepal. They specialize in areas with the lowest human development indices, addressing systemic disparities in remote environments.

The Need

Many gaps exist in the Nepali healthcare system, particularly in remote rural districts. Barriers to quality care for pregnant women and their newborns include shortages of well-trained medical providers, health facilities in need of medical equipment and repair, and a lack of emergency transport.

The Solution

Through their six-year sustainable impact model, the Network of Safety, One Heart Worldwide strengthens local healthcare capacity so that every pregnant woman and newborn has access to life-saving services. They are on track to impact one third of Nepal’s annual pregnancies by 2030.

Our Impact

Since 2010, One Heart Worldwide has transformed maternal and neonatal healthcare for 1 million pregnant women and their newborns by upgrading over 640 Birthing Centers; training over 700 Skilled Birth Attendants; and training over 40,000 Community Outreach Providers and other stakeholders in Nepal.

One Heart Worldwide currently works in 32 districts, and will expand into 36 districts by 2025. The program’s sustainability relies on close relationships with local partners and municipal governments as they co-create solutions to benefit the health and wellbeing of mothers and their babies. Since 2010, One Heart Worldwide has provided access to quality care to over 500,000 pregnancies while reducing the cost per pregnancy from over $2,000 to under $40, a 98% decrease.

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Issue AreaHealth

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