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Operation Hope Foundation (OHF) was formed nearly 20 ago and has a mission to alleviate poverty through programs focusing on children, education and community. What makes OHF different is the transparency, direct control and a desire to make people’s lives better. We are effective in the execution of these programs by ensuring a high benefit to cost ratio, using street smart processes to detect fraud and stretching the donor’s dollar to do more with less.

OHF is based in Singapore and operates in Cambodia and Nepal.

In Cambodia, we run a children’s home in the rural province of Prey Veng. We provide nearly 100 children with not only nutritious meals and their own bed and ensure they get to school, but with love, care and fun. They have a range of activities from skating to soccer to nights like ‘Hope Village Got Talent’. OHF works to keep children in school who live at the home – in exchange for family food packs and school supplies, the student must keep up attendance. OHF has active home, toilet and well building projects. With over 300 homes, 500 toilets, 165 water wells & UV systems built, we’ve helped hundreds ensure their basic needs. Operation Hope also has a training center for young people to learn the skills necessary to obtain a job and elevate themselves from poverty. We have 3 and 7 month live-in programs that focus on English, computers, project management, and a myriad of other skills.

In Nepal, we run a children’s home with over 40 children. Soon these children will move to a new, larger home we’ve just built outside the city where they can learn and grow. OHF also runs a rice bag house building program. Over four years ago, a series of earthquakes struck Nepal, reaching magnitudes of 7.8. This caused massive devastation with hundreds of thousands of families without safe housing. Unfortunately, this is still a big problem. Rice bag houses can help – they are cheap, safe and easy to build. The empty bags can be transported easily to rural areas. They are filled with earth, stacked and plastered to create a home. Lastly, we run livelihood programs – teaching animal husbandry and tailoring – in order for them to learn a trade and support their families.

Our goal at Operation Hope Foundation is to support rural and poor individuals attain basic needs as well as educate children, families and individuals to help lift them out of poverty to support themselves.

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Issue AreaLivelihood

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